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November 18, 2013

Hugh Grant Calls for a Return to National Service

Hugh Grant Mugshot

‘Quintessential’ British actor Hugh Grant has called for the reintroduction of National Service in the country, saying that “it goes with our personality”. Speaking at the launch of Bryan Adams’ new book Wounded: The Legacy of War, the posh toff proudly told the cameras that he believes forced military involvement “suits us” because it shaped both his ‘heroic’ father and grandfather – well, sign me up then Hugh!

“Mickey Blue eyes”, who has never and will never serve any time in the military himself, is the same hypocritical cretin who was at the forefront of the silencing of the British media recently, with the repressive Royal Charter of press regulation, embittered because he was ratted out for screwing a prostitute on Sunset Boulevard back in 1995.

The pretentious, overpaid, multi-millionaire moron then went on to tell the lowly British public how National Service would definitely benefit society (“society” being those overprivileged few at the top) simply because “we get on with things”.

With a sinister new National Service Bill currently working it’s way through the shadowy passages of Parliament as we speak, it’s hardly surprising that smug upper-class idiots like Grant are joining ranks with the cowardly and corrupt politicians in calling for the ‘riffraff’ to be forced to fight the ruling elite’s family squabbles for them.


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