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February 3, 2013

Iceland Kicked Out The FBI When They Turned Up To ‘Investigate’ Wikileaks

Iceland Kick Out FBI

Information released recently has told of how federal agents arriving in Iceland back in August 2011 were effectively told to turn around and leave after they showed up unannounced apparently wanting to ‘investigate’ the whistle blowing website Wikileaks. The FBI arrived at Reykjavik airport in a private jet and when Iceland’s Interior Minister was made aware of the unexpected visitors,

things started to turn sour for the brazen men in black.

Ogmundur Jonasson told The Associated Press that he was upset when he found out the FBI had flown agents to his country to supposedly interview an unidentified Wikileaks ‘associate’ and instructed the Police to not cooperate and make it apparent that they were not welcome. “We made it clear to the American authorities that this was not well seen by us”, he said.

The exact purpose of the surprise visit is still unclear as the US embassy in Reykjavik predictably palmed off questions to the FBI and the FBI themselves failed to return any communications from Icelandic officials, probably because they still had their tails between their legs after being told to pack their bags and clear off.

After seeing how the plucky nation dealt with it’s corrupt banksters and how it redrafted it’s law to help protect real investigative journalism, this is yet another example of how Iceland seem to have the right idea, refusing to bow down to the will of the ‘almighty’ illuminati driven US, as any other Western nation would no doubt have done.


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