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September 6, 2012

If The Illuminati Really Exists, How Can I Be Allowed To Know About It?

“So, if the illuminati really exist, then how can I know about it?” – It’s a question that’s frequently posed by those that remain sceptical of the illuminati but it’s a good question none the less and so is worth attempting to answer… The basic assumption is that if there really was an ancient, secretive, all powerful ‘elite’ controlling society and manipulating world events from the shadows, then how come anyone can relatively easily find this out for themselves? Surely if it were the case then there would be no possible way of discovering their secretive ways and subsequently sharing that revelation with others? While initially, this seems to make perfect sense and suggest that perhaps the illuminati doesn’t actually exist after all, there are however, a number of things you must understand before coming to that conclusion.

To begin with, centuries ago it was far more simple for hidden orders such as the Bavarian Illuminati and other influential secret societies like the Freemasons to manipulate and control the people. There were far less of them for a start, they were generally less knowledgable, more impressionable and easily led by fear, for example through the belief in a vengeful God intently watching over them. Today however, things have changed considerably, people are generally more aware of the world around them and it’s a very different landscape for an ancient, secretive order to remain in control of. Technology has meant that people from across the world can now communicate with each other at the touch of a button. People can now move around the globe far more effectively than centuries ago, which means that it makes it much harder for knowledge and information to remain in the hands of the few and of course our increased scientific understanding has meant that fewer people are now controlled by irrational dogmatic fear.

Illuminati Conspiracy

Of course, you could argue that the illuminati can use things like technology against us to keep us locked into a false sense of reality and that is correct, however what’s clear is that in general, the flow of information, ideas and opinion is, currently at least, far freer than it has ever been and so what this means is that almost anyone can potentially have access and be exposed to information and opinion that was previously held only by those select few in control.

The current illuminati have had to accept that in todays world, unlike their ruling ancestors of old, there is inevitably going to be a certain amount the population that has a good idea of what’s truly going on, yet so long as this number represents only a minority, they feel that they are effectively ‘safe’. The important thing in their eyes, is to successfully keep the majority deceived and in ignorance, as that’s all they need to maintain control – not 100% of the people duped, just the vast majority.

Just because you may be familiar with ‘the illuminati’ and loosely understand what the term refers to, doesn’t mean that you pose any sort of distinct threat to the centuries old established secret society. The likelihood is that you’re not going to know all the individual members, the specific hierarchy, exactly where and when they meet and what key role each member has in implementing its agenda, and even if you did you wouldn’t have the individual means to effectively challenge it, therefore your basic awareness of ‘the illuminati’ is of little concern to them. Of course, we can connect the dots to subsequently see the bigger picture but fundamentally, it all just comes down to numbers – have they got more people deceived and manipulated than not? If yes, then that’s all that matters as this allows them to move forward with their agenda, encountering only minimal resistance from the minority.

Illuminati Domination

There are number of ‘safety mechanisms’ that the illuminati have cleverly devised over time to help ensure that the majority aren’t awoken by the minority who know the truth and these primarily include subconscious pre-programming via schooling, the mainstream media and the entertainment industry, which manipulates the majority into believing certain things about ‘reality’, such as the illuminati is a fictitious concept and this is exactly why the illuminati, secretive societies, the occult and other genuine conspiracies for example are often used as an underlying theme in many movies and pop music videos – the things people don’t associate with the ‘real world’. People who then talk of such things in a sincere manner are immediately labelled as paranoid ‘nut jobs’ by the majority because their subconscious mind has been programmed indirectly by the illuminati and is now telling them that these things are merely fantasy and can’t be true.

Much of the time when people are exposed to the idea of the illuminati it comes to them through the entertainment industry. Another reason why the illuminati purposely fill music videos and blockbuster movies with occult symbolism and illuminati themes is as a subtle way of misdirecting the viewer. People then become obsessed with things like who, in the entertainment industry is ‘in’ the illuminati and completely miss the bigger picture that actually none of them are, they’re merely puppets being used by the illuminati to direct attention away from the true ‘elite’ and keep the majority misinformed and engaged in triviality.

Of course, the illuminati aren’t the nicest collection of individuals on the planet and so it should come as no surprise to learn that they actually gain a perverse sense of pleasure from knowing that a certain percentage of the people they control know it, and in their eyes at least, can do nothing about it. It’s amusing and satisfying for them to see that their elaborate control system works so well that even in the face of many people knowing the truth, control can still be retained and it is, partly at least, how they get their ‘enjoyment’ – from causing the conscious suffering of those under them.

Illuminati Human Suffering

We are now however, thankfully steadily witnessing more and more people awakening and realising how the faceless few do in fact control the many. Things like the recent ‘occupy’ movements across the world, mass protests against the corrupt financial institutions and general civil unrest all over the globe (much of which the illuminati controlled mainstream media does not cover) means that the few in control are having to be increasingly overt, as they instruct their loyal, yet completely ignorant servants from the military and the police to go out and use outright force and violence to quell any considerable uprising amongst the majority. The fact that even peaceful protest against clearly immoral, unjust and corrupt behaviour by the faceless ‘elite’ is met by force goes to show how the psychopathic few are very much in control and how they are working very hard indeed to prevent their control system from being exposed.

Sporadic displays of violence, oppression and outright rule to ensure that control of the majority is retained, is viewed as far less risky in the eyes of the illuminati, than to simply allow the minority a means to grow and potentially reach that critical point where enough people are aware of what’s happening for them to be able to effectively challenge the outdated illuminati hierarchy.

Generally, the point is that so long as the majority are being deceived and kept in ignorance – then that’s all that matters. If however, an individual for example who has gained notable influence over a large number of people begins to talk out about what is wrong with the current ‘set up’, then those behind the set up will act to quickly and effectively silence these individuals to prevent more people being awoken from the veil of illuminati illusion. It is no coincidence that anyone with great influence who has ever spoken out against the injustice in the world and subsequently attempted to change things for the better have met with an early and unnatural demise.

JFK Illuminati Assassination

You, being exposed to information regarding the illuminati is of no real concern to them simply because you represent a minority and until the point where either the number of people being awoken represents the majority, or you personally gain a huge audience with whom you then share this information, you are simply not viewed as a danger. The illuminati remain content with deceiving the majority and the minority being aware of their existence is simply damage limitation and a necessary ‘evil’ required to keep control of the majority.


  1. free fighter

    They are the few, we are the many!

    • Paula

      The reason this is all haeipnpng is government left uncheck by its people will eventually subjugate the people. It’s rampant with taxes and programs to syphon money, like through the Federal Reserve. That’s why someone like Holdren can get away with being appointed! Think Goldman Sachs!! and other sister corporations that created this imperial empire and brought this crisis to us intentionally. I think to intercede in this, people need to educate themselves thoroughly and not this half-hearted, OH, I watch Fox News, shit! Check out Thomas Jefferson and Alan Watts.I Love Alex Jones! Henry Rollins is another great one, too!! Hope this helps you feel like there are still people out their who do their homework. Peace! Love! Music!

      • katie macleod

        All those you’ve just listed are false prophets and I was fooled…for a time. Truth in deception. A strong delusion is coming…

  2. Sean

    Yes, they are few but even less remain ignorant or are paralyzed by fear.

  3. agnieszka

    I wonder how the world could develop if Kennedy would expose illuminati at the moment when he was saying he’ll expose them.

  4. Memey

    if the illuminati DIDNT exist why the hell would the word exist itelsf?? You think mutha fuckas just made the word up out of pure boredom?? The word exist to keep you thinking scared while they construct their plans in front of your blindness.

  5. Ash

    The illuminati are sick people who are brainwashed by living for the moment nothing for times to come , money , power , they’re drive to get it is unbelievable even if they have to kill their own and other innocent’s not caring how many children they’ve slaughtered. It’s all pathetic you see they know fine well what the truth is and in the end they will lose , SO IT WAS WRITTEN , SO IT WILL BE DONE! People are so brainwashed by media , there are people getting slaughtered rite now and they hide it distract people from what’s the truth. They will burn , human life span is very small we are not here for long and when it’s our time no one can stop what is to come which is the question and answer time , then where will there illuminati crap take them , when nothing can save them from the reality. There he’ll is our paradise , there heaven is our hell.

  6. Ash

    Bit of a moment there , anyway people should wake up because they are going to ruin the world as we know it. Just don’t give in to there media bullshit and politics. Peace.

  7. decredico

    nice fake kennedy quote there

  8. Bogdan

    This is starting to feel really embarassing. It is pretty obvious that Kennedy never said that quote. Why use it then? If you are trying to spread awareness about the “secret” society that controls the world, why use an obvious fake quote when the subject you are talking about is already sensible enough? Why, unless you yourself are a fraud and the whole theory is a fraud… Then why keep it in place? Who owns all these conspiracy sites? What is THEIR agenda?

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