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November 10, 2011

The Illuminati and Fear

In order to control the masses, it is vitally important to the illuminati that they are not only kept ignorant of what is going on but also that they are kept in the right state of mind to allow them to most easily and effectively be controlled and manipulated on such a grand scale. This state of mind they require us to be in is that of fear and the illuminati channel a great deal of effort into perpetually keeping us all in a state of fear.

The reason the illuminati want to keep us all in fear is that when in this state of mind, we are very malleable, suggestible and easily led, as the rational and logical cognitive processes in the brain simply shut down. The illuminati know that when the population is not in a constant state of fear their manipulations and control tactics risk becoming apparent and that without fear we gain the capability to see through the intricate veil of illusion that they have carefully constructed for us over centuries.

At first it may not necessarily seem that obvious as to how the you are being kept in a permanent state of fear by the illuminati and you may even believe that most of the time you are actually living free from fear and it’s debilitating effects. While this is great news if true, the chances are however that the majority of the time your life is actually being lived in varying states of fear, ranging from a distant feeling of unease to an outright feeling of dread, and that the decisions and choices you make on a daily basis are probably not truly yours and are instead being based upon fear and irrationality. To better illustrate this we will now look at some examples of how you are being mostly subconsciously manipulated into living in a permanent state of fear by the illuminati.

All of the major institutions and structures of the world today are completely controlled and were fundamentally created by the illuminati in order to entrap and enslave us into supporting the system and serving those in control. They also however, serve to keep us living in a permanent state of fear so that we are then easily controlled, allowing the illuminati’s agenda for complete control and domination of our lives to be implemented without complication.

Illuminati Induced Doubt & FearTo begin with, look at the major religions of the world. Each religion proclaims to know the ultimate truth and to promote a better world and way of living, yet what it really does when scrutinized rationally is to keep vast amounts of people trapped in a mind prison of their own that is fueled by fear. Whether it be Christianity, Judaism or Islam they all fundamentally follow the same protocol. Some scripture or book tells you firstly that your require saving, then who the saviour is and lastly how you can go about being

saved. If you don’t live in the manner the saviour demands (which is one of complete mind control and self distain) then you are to be judged by some almighty power and most likely suffer eternal damnation in the depths of hell and will not be saved from some apocalyptic event that may or may not occur within your lifetime.

This is all fear based thinking. Whether it be an elderly christian parishioner going to church on Sunday or an islamic fundamentalist willing to partake in the murder of others simply because of their ‘beliefs’, they are both, in essence, acting out of fear. They have been indoctrinated into believing that if they don’t do these things then worse things will happen to them either during this lifetime or after they die. The sad truth is that religion was created and is used by the illuminati to manipulate and domineer mass amounts of people through fear. Religion supports blind submission to authority and when you look at that authority in the context of those in power today, you can easily see how it serves as a highly effective control tool for them.

Religion appears to be constructed around spirituality yet in fact it completely destroys true spirituality through disempowerment of the individual by forcing them to worship something outside of themselves through fear. You only have to look at the mass amounts of war, conflict, oppression, and general atrocity that exists in the world today that is caused by differences in religious beliefs to see that it has nothing to do with spirituality and self betterment and everything to do with divide and conquer, separation, detachment and personal disempowerment.

For those that aren’t religious and can perhaps see through it’s futility, there are a number of other organizations and control structures that the illuminati have cleverly implemented in order to keep you living in fear. If you don’t believe in religion then the chances are that you will prescribe to the more rational notions that have been derived from scientific discovery. Don’t be fooled however, the illuminati have infiltrated and ultimately control everything we know today and the scientific institutions of the world are no different.

Illuminati Science or ReligionAdmittedly, while many scientific findings and ideas seem pragmatic and sound and have helped us move forward in certain ways, much of science today is simply agenda ridden falsity that is used to push the illuminati agenda further. You only have to look at the ‘man made’ global warming scam to see this fact. Much of what is viewed as scientific ‘fact’ by the masses is really based upon theory and on a fundamental level science cannot genuinely

answer the questions people truly want to know any more than religion can. This is quite simply because those in control do not want us to know any of the ultimate truths and so keep us guessing via both religion and science, which both serve to essentially keep us ignorant of the true nature of reality. Also, you will find that ironically, many areas of science today are very similar to the religious ways of thinking when viewed from a completely neutral perspective.

The answers that science does give us are that in essence this is all there is, we are here for this one single, finite life and there was no form of divine creation or outside intelligent source that led us to be here – it was merely an ‘accident’. The problem with this way of thinking however is that again, it fundamentally fosters fear. You have that ever looming sense that someday in the relatively near future you are going to die and your life will come to an end with absolutely nothing to look forward to after, or beyond it. This then leads people, whether consciously or not into desperately trying to live and enjoy their lives in the relatively short amount of time they’ve got because they fear that if they don’t, it will be a life wasted. So again your daily actions are really being led by an ultimate fear of death.

The mainstream media outlets of the world are all owned by a surprisingly small amount of people and serve the illuminati as a way of pumping out a continual fraudulent and fear based sense of reality under the pretense of keeping us all informed and connected with what is going on in the world around us. You only have to turn on a major news channel on the T.V in order to be instantly bombarded with bad news and negativity. Whether it be the regurgitation of past terrorist attacks or the speculation of some future attack, some new deadly disease that may or may not kill you and your loved ones, or how the financial system that we have all come to so desperately depend on is on the verge of collapse, it all serves to keep us afraid and rid us of our personal power and strength.

If you look at the language that is continually utilized by the major news corporations – ‘fear’ ‘terror’ ‘threat’ ‘collapse’ ‘danger’ ‘war’ ‘death’ ‘disease’ ‘struggle’, it becomes pretty obvious what their agenda really is. Open up a newspaper published by one of these major ‘news’ outlets and you will most likely be hit with such language within the first couple of pages. The reality is that for the vast majority of people these supposed threats and atrocities that are happening around the globe do not actually affect their lives on a practical day to day level in any real noticeable way, yet simply by watching, reading and talking about it with others, it then becomes a part of their reality and consciously or subconsciously these fear based events and happenings shape and mold their opinions, beliefs and decisions in life which are being force fed to them using fear as a catalyst.

Illuminati Engineered Fear of LackMoney is one of the illuminati’s greatest tools for control and so it comes as no surprise to discover that the monetary system is also fundamentally built around fear. It is based on lack and restriction and is intrinsically not designed to allow you abundance which means for the most part, the majority of the population have to search for a way to get enough of this money to ensure their survival. The result is that most are forced to rush around like headless chickens chasing money to safeguard the survival of themselves and their loved ones. We spend the vast majority of our lives working for money then spend a large proportion of the remaining time we have worrying about how we should best spend it to guarantee our existence.

Again, this is all based around fear. Money, or more appropriately the control of money by the relative greedy few creates lack for the majority and lack, or at least potential lack creates a fear in peoples minds, whether they’re aware of it or not, that if they don’t spend most of their lives trading their time for money then they will not be able to survive or live. The vast majority of the purchases and decisions in our life then become based not on what we truly want or need but on what we think we can realistically afford without risking lack.

The justice system is obviously built around fear – the fear of adjudication, punishment and imprisonment should you stray from the guidelines set by the illuminati, or ‘the law’ as it’s more commonly known and while this is not necessarily a bad thing when pertaining to dangerous criminals and truly bad people, it illustrates perfectly how fear plays a pivotal role in our society.

The police forces who help bring such criminals to justice (and also many non criminals who are merely victims of an absurdly greedy and domineering system) are similarly constructed around the mindset of fear. The uniforms they wear, the weapons they carry, the vehicles they drive and the language they are trained to use on the public is all based on intimidation and fear, which is then seen and experienced by the masses on a daily basis, helping to keep them fearful of breaking ‘the law’ and actually serving to desensitize them to such blatant illustrations of force and fear, until it is simply accepted as ‘the norm’.

In school, from an early age children are taught to do as they’re told or face the consequences. You are reprimanded for not doing work at home or completing assignments on time so most pupils carry out the obligations set upon them unquestioningly for the fear of being disciplined and made to look dumb. This is a very important point because schools and the education system in general serve as a way for the illuminati and those in control to mold our minds and beliefs while we are still young, malleable and relatively innocent into accepting their false sense of reality. This then makes it much harder for us to accept, or even see a different sense of reality other than the prescribed ‘norms’ that have been set out for us as children once we meet maturity. Most children in school and people in education do not go there and do the work because they truly want to and enjoy doing so but because they are told they have to and are made to feel fearful of refusing.

Illuminati Controlled PoliticsIn politics we’re told we must vote for this party or that party to decide upon what is good and what is bad for us and to ultimately dictate to us how we can live our lives. We fear we cannot do it ourselves because we have simply never been given the chance to throughout our lives and so obediently hand over our power over to the government who then fundamentally implement and perpetuate the illuminati’s agenda at the practical base level.

We live in an increasingly materialistic and shallow

society were we have been programmed into caring – or more accurately worrying (which is fear at play) about what others think of us and how we are

perceived by our fellow men, even if it is complete strangers whom we may never see again. This is absurd and is simply not living as our true selves but again indirectly living in and letting fear dictate and make choices for us instead of being who we truly are.

Even on the most basic and seemingly insignificant and unconnected levels fear is promoted. Road traffic signs in bright red and yellow colors which are associated with danger tell us at what speed we should drive for the fear of causing injury or death to yourself and others, irrelevant of the conditions. Others tell us not to drink and drive, to wear our seat belts and some even inform us of how many people have previously died on that particular section of road in a given period of time. These messages are truly not required, they are fundamentally basic fear mongering techniques to keep us all in a state of general unease, which serves yet again to disempower us at even the most mundane of levels. Nowhere are we told to simply take true responsibility for ourselves and that everything would be fine if we did so.

Some may argue that fear is actually helpful in certain instances and is a natural way of keeping us safe and away from danger. This however, is a common misconception. Fear is not natural at all, it is an illusory, man made induced emotional state of mind. Wild animals do not feel fear as we do, they operate according to their basic instincts which naturally help them avoid potential danger yet it is only when humans are introduced into the picture, through something like the abuse of a pet or the slaughter of an animal for meat that animals may begin to feel fear in the same oppressive sense that humans do.

In certain instances it may be constructive and helpful to exercise caution and trepidation on some level in order to ensure your safety but never to fear something for fear throws all logic and rationale out of the window and this is exactly why the illuminati want to keep us in this state of mind because without logic and rationale, there is far less chance of us realizing what is really going on.

Free From FearFear is ultimately an illusion and the ironic fact is that the only thing we should truly fear is fear itself. Once more and more people start coming to this realization then we can begin to reclaim our power and freedoms back from the illuminati and their mass manipulations. It is critical to remember that those in control today go out of their way to to ensure that you are perpetually kept in a state of fear, it is therefore your responsibility to remain conscious of this fact and ensure that you don’t let it affect you on such a profound

level. Every time you choose safety you reinforce fear and hand your power over to the illuminati. Fear nothing.


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