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November 11, 2011

The Illuminati ‘Hive Mind’

Illuminati Hive Mind

It is crucial to the illuminati that the general population are all kept in a certain acute state of being that best serves their agenda and supports their control regime and also prevents them from awakening to what is really happening around them. The illuminati employ many different tactics using their various instituations of control in order to keep us deceived, detached and all thinking and operating on the same level, which is far removed from that of true reality and who we really are. In

order for the few to control the many, manipulative techniques must be utilized and deceptions passed off as the truth be perpetually output, in order to safeguard their positions in power over us.

In a bee hive, you have the queen bee who feeds, reproduces and fundamentally controls the hive and in order to do this she must somehow control every bee simultaneously without them necessarily knowing it. This is achieved by the queen emitting a pheromone which is subsequently fed to, or picked up by every drone in the hive and serves to override their natural functions and fundamentally hypnotize them them into serving her by feeding her, removing her waste, guarding the hive – which ensures her safety and survival and of course going out to collect pollen for the subsequent production of honey.

Our so called civilized societies today function much like that of a beehive, unfortunately mostly unbeknown to masses. We too have queens and royals who represent an ultimate authority over all, or in areas where there is no royal family, powerful groups or figures of control that represent only a tiny percentage of the overall population, yet indirectly control and dictate to the majority how they should live in order to ultimately serve them.

Illuminati IndoctrinationOnce born into our ‘developed’ societies, we are programmed from day one into believing that we should follow the prescribed norms that are laid out for us. We are placed into education where our young, malleable minds are manipulated and deceived into thinking and believing certain things that then affect our perception of life and reality, through the instruction of an ultimately illuminati formulated curriculum, via unwitting teachers who truly believe they are doing good and who are also simply trying to ‘earn a living’.

This is a key point when referring to

the illuminati ‘hive mind’ because unlike in a beehive, the rulers of our societies cannot emit pheromones and be so obvious as to directly instruct us as they risk being uncovered and potentially challenged and removed for a fairer system, so they instead construct clever ways to get the poulation to serve them without them actually realizing it.

One of the major componets of this ‘hive mind’ construct is money. Again, from a very early age in life we are indoctrinated into believeing that in order to have the things we want and need we’ve got to have money. We are not told that money intrinsically has no worth and that there is actually enough raw materials and resources on the planet for every man woman and child to live to the equivalent standard of a millionaire in our monetary systems definition and that as a truly free human spirit we have the right to all of this without the interference and domination of other greedy individuals who feel they have a right to monopolize it.

This belief in money gets stronger and more ingrained in our minds as we get older and begin to actually ‘earn’ it and by the time we reach full time employment or our ‘chosen’ career paths we believe fully in the construct of money and ask no questions as we begin to spend the vast majority of the rest of our lives pursuing it. The real truth is that money is nothing but peices of paper, bits of valueless metal and increasingly now, pixels on a computer screen that today is not backed by anything of any real, physical, inherent value as it once was.

Money is simply a control tool for the illuminati that allows them to completely govern the way we live our lives once we have been indocrinated into accepting and believeing in it. It has been cleverly inserted between us and what we want and need in life and serves to enslave us for the vast majority of our lives, forcing us hand our personal power over to those who created and perpetuate it. Money in our society can be seen as representative of the pollen collection in the beehive analogy, accept that for us, money connot be made into anything of any use.

Illuminati Money PursuanceWe are deceived into going out and trading most of our time in return for paper tokens which actually bear the face of our queen or whatever figures represent control in that particular area, yet sadly, most overlook this blatant and audacious exemplification who who they’re really working for. Money, or more appropriately the belief in money by the population then allows the queen of our hive or the relatively tiny few groups in control to remain there and secure their future without

having to actively do anything themselves, as, at least on an elementary level, they too operate within the monetary system as to make it appear that it is the only option and that they are really no different to us, yet they then go and seize much of it back from us once we’ve been out and earned it, in order to sustain and support their lavish, luxury positions in power.

As well as the use of money, the controllers of our hive also continually output manipulative vibrations to the masses via their instiutions of religion, politics, science, the mainstream media and entertainment, into supporting and buying into the ‘hive mind’. It is these control mechanisms that would represent the queen bees hypnotizing pheromones in the beehive – they serve to keep us all locked into the same patterns of thinking and fundamental belief structures and keep us all under the one powerful spell cast by the illuminati, in much the same way that the drones in the hive operate via rote, under the influence of the queens powerful chemical control signal.

We are conditioned into thinking that it is in fact honourable to go out and work hard for a living instead of looking for some alternate way or relying on the government, yet this is exactly what those in control do and always have done. They rely on the population to go out and work hard, then each ‘contribute’, under threat and coercion, to keeping them in their grand positions of power, through the vast array of taxes, fines, licences and costs etc that we are forced to incur and live with today.

It is generally viewed in our society as a good thing to be busy as it indicates that you are successfully making your way down the correct path that has been set out for you, yet in reality nothing could be further from the truth. It is imperative to the illumainati that the masses are kept busy, much like how the worker bees in the hive are kept busy via the queens pheromone (hence the term ‘busy bees’) because it means we are less likely to realise what is actually going on and it allows them to continue to implement their agenda for total control, relatively unhindered.

Your average member of society is kept so busy, mostly through the neverending pursuance of money but also through the many other falsities being output by the illuminati ‘hive mind’ that they have little chance of actually stopping and realising what is occuring. Any time they do get to themselves is most likely filled with activities that are undertaken to help them forget about the working side of their life such as T.V, drinking, sex and sports etc which, although on the surface may seem to be things that can bring the individual enjoyment, on a fundamental level actually serve to cut them off from their true selves and that of genuine reality.

Illuminati Hive Mind WarpThe ‘hive mind’ is not constructed to allow the masses time to stop and think properly as if they did they could potentially risk uncovering the illuminati’s endeavors. Yet, even if they did begin to think about things on a more profound level the ‘hive mind’ would most likely overtake and sabotage any real thoughts because it is so deeply ingrained from birth.

The illuminati ‘hive mind’ is deeply entrenched into most peoples psyches and has been carefully and covertly

implemented over their whole life to ensure that they never become aware of it.

It is however, possible to break free from it and begin to see reality for what it really is and how you were truly meant to experience it. Simple choices and decisions backed up by the assertion of your inherent, natural, inalienable rights and the rejection of many overvalued and ultimately unnecessary things will all help you to begin to escape the illuminati hive mindset that is being continually broadcast by the relative few in control today. Now buzz off!

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  1. WHAMMO!

    Using the hive mind allegory I believe in this case the media is an apt example of the pheromone.

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