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January 21, 2014

Illuminati Symbolism in the Upcoming Sochi Winter Olympic Games

Sochi Olympics Illuminati

Watched by millions worldwide, the Olympic Games have steadily become a global focal point for those behind the curtain to capitalise on and spew their tedious and tiresome (yet still largely unrecognised) occult and illuminati symbolism to the masses, as was witnessed back in 2012 at the London Olympics with the ritualistic opening & closing ceremonies, the illuminati-themed stadium and of course the all-seeing, single-eyed mascots.

London Olympics 2012 Illuminati

London Olympics 2012 Illuminati

London Olympics 2012 Illuminati

It comes as no surprise then, that despite the mainstream media fear mongering and controversy surrounding the upcoming Russian Winter Olympics in Sochi, the inevitable tried and tested illuminati and occult symbolism is back once more for the 2014 games, illustrating clearly the influence those truly in control have over even apparent Western world adversaries.

First, we see a predictable pyramid shaped Olympic countdown clock, suitably sponsored by OMEGA, the official Olympic timekeeper and symbolic last letter of the Greek alphabet used in mathematics, physics and to refer to Christ in the book of revelation or the Apocalypse alongside Alpha, as “the first and the last” or “the beginning and the end”.

Sochi Olympics Illuminati

Two of the mascots for the Winter Games are ‘Snowflake’, an icey fallen star and ‘Ray of Light’, an illuminated being who, according to the official Sochi 2014 website both came down to Earth in a selfless quest for acceptance, sound familiar? Or is this yet more predictive programming to help bring about the acceptance of otherworldly entities being a part of our future, or even current reality?

Sochi Olympics Illuminati

Signs promoting the games, as well as the actual Olympic medals themselves, exhibit yet more predicable illuminati pyramid symbolism to the eager masses in an evident attempt to cultivate subconscious subservience to ‘elite’ hierarchy, despite smiling little Snowflake & Ray of Light’s apparent touching message of ‘oneness’.

Sochi Olympics Illuminati

Sochi Olympics Illuminati

Lastly, we see some fundamental occult symbolism being incorporated into a variation of the official Olympic logo in the form of an innocuous white pentagram, sitting on a slightly less innocuous, inverted blue pentagram behind, which represents the sinister Goat God that those behind ritualistic global events like the Olympics collectively revere.

Sochi Olympics Illuminati

Inverted Satanic Pentagram

Enjoy the games!


  1. Ken Ammi

    FYI: Sochi is also claimed to be where Prometheus, the Greek lucifer figure, was chained to a rock…

  2. RustCohle

    A yellow king?

  3. king

    Fuck illuminati

  4. rdj

    shit… people know they cant join the illuminati and expect to take away the world in one blink of an eye…dont waste ur time “illuminati people” dont u have anything better to do with ur lives???

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