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January 4, 2012

Illuminati Symbolism

Illuminati Symbolism

Illuminati symbolism can be found throughout history traditionally in things like classical architecture, coats of arms, precious body adornment and ancient artifacts and it is still utilized today by the illuminati but in more modern creations like corporate identities, hollywood movies, pop music and the fashion world, which are all used alongside, and run parallel to the more archetypal, traditional existing symbolism.


Symbolism is incredibly important to the illuminati and always has been and this is why we see the same depictions and imagery over and over again, from ancient times through to the modern day, and it is important to them for a number of reasons. Firstly, it fundamentally acts as an arcane language with which the illuminati members and organizations can communicate to each other in a safe and effective way, who is in control of, and currently orchestrating what, and leave lasting messages for future generations without the masses necessarily being aware of it and when used in conjunction with numerology it can give enduring and definitive information to those that can comprehend and interpret it.

Illuminati symbolism also acts as a way for the members and families all over the world to effectively mark their territory and say “we own and control ‘this’ and have done for so many hundreds of years”, in much the same way that a dog will mark its territory to let other dogs know who’s in that area. We as humans may not be able to detect the scents and information contained in the urine but other dogs certainly can, and illuminati symbolism is very similar. The oblivious masses do not necessarily see the symbolism for what it is but those who are aware of their existence or are involved most definitely can.

Illuminati Corporate IdentitiesThe illuminati fuse symbolism with their ancient occult beliefs to place what they believe to be powerful images, geometric patterns and depictions in all areas of society and our lives in general. The occult beliefs that the illuminati hold aim to dupe the masses into also taking part in the ritualistic worship of their deities, and symbolism acts as a very effective way to allow them to do this. It matters to them not if we are unaware of what it is we are indirectly doing, so long as we are constantly exposed to it in

different forms and guises and in different aspects of our lives, as the illuminati believe this is all that is required to rid us of our personal power and gain acceptance from their believed demiurge.

For example, if we are wearing a t-shirt with some corporate logo on the chest or heart, that is really a representation of some sacred occult symbol, while sitting watching some popular music video constructed around subconscious illuminati symbolism (as most are), eating food produced by a big illuminati controlled corporation (again, as most is) that also bears some occult symbology as their logo, we are in effect accepting their creations and indirectly worshipping the same malevolent deities they do and are handing our energy and personal power over on various different rudimentary levels in the process to those who covertly control us, instead of retaining it and using it for something more positive and constructive that may actually lead to a natural and profound realization of who and what we really are.

Illuminati Pyramid Bank BuildingThe same can be said if you work for a company or government institution that comprises of occult symbolism in it’s identity or architecture, or if you are staying in a hotel while abroad that is constructed around illuminati symbolism. If you look at most government departments identities, many are designed around some ancient occult symbol and this represents the illuminati control within that part of government or industry. The same goes for hotels and buildings abroad that

accommodate holiday makers and revelers, many are built using illuminati architecture and what this fundamentally means, whether you know it or not, is that when working for such institutions or staying in such buildings, in the illuminati’s eyes you are helping to reinforce their occult beliefs and pay homage to their believed masters by simply expending energy in such places and perhaps becoming dependent on them, even if only temporarily.

Illuminati LogosMany may initially argue that such symbolism does not hold any true significance and has no real meaning and is simply just the outdated representation of primitive tradition and myth. Yet the mere word ‘symbolism’ that we still use today, surely implies that no matter how old or modern, and no matter who is using the symbology that it must actually symbolize something? and when you consider that the symbolism has ben utilized by the most rich and powerful families, religions, government

institutions, and corporations of both past and present anywhere in the world, suggests that there is something of real significance behind it.

Why would such current day institutions and corporations, as well as families and individuals in the past go to the trouble of repeatedly utilizing the same symbols and expend great amounts of time and energy carving it into stone and precious metals as well as designing and incorporating it into their corporate and personal identity if it wasn’t important. The simple answer surely is that they wouldn’t? The illuminati want you to think that there is no real significance attached to such symbolism and that it’s merely harmless representation of old traditions and myths that now make up a proud part of our culture and heritage if anything.

Illuminati Symbolism On BuildingsGalileo said “The universe cannot be read until we have learnt the language and become familiar with the characters in which it is written. It is written in mathematical language, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which means it is humanly impossible to comprehend a single word“. This goes to help explain why the illuminati utilize such symbolism so

prevalently. They truly believe they are far more advanced than the ignorant masses and that they have access to some divine knowledge as to the true nature of reality. If such rich and powerful families, individuals and corporations that have such an influence on your life are going to the trouble of ensuring the same shapes, patterns and images are repeatedly utilized and shown in society, is it not worth taking note of and trying to understand?

Illuminati Symbolism In ArchitectureThe main illuminati symbolism that we see most frequently is that of the pyramid and the all seeing eye which represents the hierarchical structure of society as the created it, the compartmentalization of knowledge and wealth with only the few at the top of society, or the pyramid possessing it and the ever watching presence of those in control making sure we pose no threat and are constantly being deceived

and misled at the base of the pyramid. However, there is also other symbols and imagery that is utilized by the illuminati which represents more of their occult beliefs and the deities they worship and ultimately serve, which are usually satanic in nature and which serve to pervert true spirituality, as well as other things that seem to suggest a knowing about an alternative nature of reality apart from that of what we, at the base of the pyramid are falsely led to believe.

Illuminati Satanic Washington DC Street LayoutThere is the obvious symbolism such as that found in religion and architecture but there is then the other, less obvious branch of illuminati symbolism that is utilized to get you to unconsciously partake in worship by targeting the subconscious mind and examples of this are found in things like movies, music videos, corporate identities that are seen on a daily basis and even in street layouts of notable illuminati founded cities of the world, such as the Vatican City

and Washington DC.

You may wonder why a secret society of powerful individuals and institutions who fundamentally depend on our blind ignorance for their ongoing survival would use this type of symbology in such a blatant fashion and risk being discovered. Well, firstly the illuminati are confident that the vast majority of the symbolism placed in front of the masses will not be recognized by them, at least on a conscious level, and they are right, as most have little understanding and education on the topic and for good reason in the illuminati’s eyes. This means that the illuminati can hide elements of truth in plain sight of those they control, which as stated, serves to manipulate the general population into supporting them and worshipping their occult deities but it also gives those placing the symbols a perverse sense of pleasure and satisfaction knowing that their control regime and agenda is working perfectly and going about mostly unnoticed.

Illuminati Symbolism Mainstream FashionSymbolism is only one of the methods the illuminati use to subconsciously subvert and manipulate us and alone it may not have such a powerful effect but when used alongside other compulsive things the illuminati perpetuate such as religion, celebrity obsession, materialism, the sexualization of almost everything and the addiction to ‘legalized’ drugs for example, it can serve to have a very powerful and almost spellbinding effect on the population in general which is

exactly what the illuminati are aiming to achieve by doing it, and is in fact what their occult beliefs predict.

The illuminati fundamentally believe the symbolism and imagery they utilize has sacred powers and otherworldly capabilities which is why it is used so much. Whether it actually does or not remains to be seen but what is certain is the fact that you are most likely being subconsciously manipulated and subverted by such things in all different areas of your life on a day to day basis without permission as such, which is surely not a positive thing.

Illuminati All Seeing Eye Plaque It is therefore very important to try and look out for and recognize illuminati symbolism when you can and remain conscious of the fact that it is being used all around you most of the time as this conscious awareness can actually help you to understand to what extent they have infiltrated society and which buildings, institutions and companies are illuminati controlled assets and therefore should be avoided.

This can actually be quite fun as you discover the illuminati’s previously invisible and covert communication and subliminal techniques for its now clear obviousness and is very liberating as it allows you to actively move away from the illuminati control and influence in your life and live a freer more conscious lifestyle that is far closer to what ‘life’ should truly be like.


  1. Ashley

    Very interesting, seems so obvious…

  2. Adam

    The co-op bank took over that building as bad debt and it was my father who wanted to make it the call centre for the bank and yes he was a Freemason and was very proud of it. Symbols and numbers mean a lot to him I learned this later in life. But it’s great to look backa nd place every thing back to freemasonry.

  3. Mary-Beth Paisley

    My dad was also a Freemason, and I have his little diamond pins in the shape of swords. I’ve no idea how much he knew, as I was slumbering away until 9 years after his death. He was Scottish yet I’ve never seen nor found anything that implied that he was a 33rd degree Freemason!
    I also wanted to say that I’ve used AOL since day one (1996 was the year we went online) and I never noticed the pyramid shape before, nor with Delta Airlines or on a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.
    I also wanted to mention (and ask) about the Pope and the Jesuits. I knew that DC and Vatican City were laid out in a pentagram shape and also have obilisks in both. I’ve heard quite a few times now, from people in alternative media whom I have discerned carefully and come to trust that the Pope, Vatican City and the Jesuits are at the very top tier of the “pyramid power structure.” Do you know anything about this? I also know that the last Pope was only the 2nd one in our known history to resign from his “Popedom” and wonder if he wouldn’t go along with the program. I know he was old, yet most Popes are old. Do you know what happened to him, by chance? I have also heard a lot about the Nights Templar being the head honcho’s until they were no longer, and now there is another group that are LIKE the Nights Templar were, whose name escapes me at the moment. I would love any information you may have on this. Thank you, Administrator!

  4. Ron Schurman

    Very interesting. The symbols do seem to be right in front of us everyday. We’ve been so programmed and brainwashed to accept and overlook this. I wasn’t aware of the AOL symbol as I have not used AOL. I did just notice the pyramid used by Google Play which caught me completely by surprise. And Mary Beth, thank you for asking what you did! We would all love to see answers to your questions.

  5. Hack

    Awesome post.

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