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January 9, 2013

Incognizant UK Ministers Scrap School Detention Notice

Education or Indoctrination

As part of a new ‘drive’ to restore order to the classroom (read, blind acquiescence), UK schools are to be granted new ‘powers’ that will mean they can impose ‘no notice’ detentions on non compliant pupils, although, quite how giving notice of detention to parents of ‘unruly’ children or not will help to restore ‘order’, I don’t know. There previously existed a 24 hour notice period in the UK that meant disciplinarians had to inform parents when they wanted to keep their child behind for further indoctrination, sorry, ‘detention’, yet a number of bright spark government ministers have now given the go ahead to scrap this obligatory notice, effectively granting controlling teachers free reign over others’ offspring during the working hours of the week, yet, parents of course will no doubt still be required to ring and inform the school if their child is to stay off sick or attend the dentist – one rule for us, another for ‘them’.

This disposal of a simple common sense based practice is apparently part of a series of ‘reforms’ being implemented by the government in order to ‘crack down’ on classroom indiscipline. Other so called ‘powers’ include the ‘right’ for a teacher to search pupils for banned items and giving teachers anonymity when accused of assault by a pupil. Charlie Taylor, a Head teacher at a London school and sadly the governments ‘expert’ advisor on behaviour, has said that Without proper discipline teachers can’t teach and pupils can’t learn. Teachers need to have the right powers at their disposal to use if they wish. From my experience as a head teacher, I know that the closer the punishment is to the ‘crime’, the more effective it is.” – ‘crime’, ‘ punishment’, ‘powers’ – you sound more like a prison warder that a man of education Charlie.

Children should want to learn, not be forced to do so under threat of their free time being stolen and teachers don’t need increasing amounts of ‘powers’ at their disposal to exercise over their pupils should they dare question the need to retain and repeat reams of useless information, far from it, they need to be equipped during the training stage, with the correct skills, knowledge and mindset to know how to effectively make learning and education interesting and compelling, so that it is not viewed as a chore that must be endured and rebelled against.

In reality, what this removal of obligatory notice is actually about, is progressively getting children (and parents) increasingly used to the idea of less free time, more control and authority in their lives and of the “you must comply ‘or else’ attitude” before they go on to ‘graduate’ into the ‘real’ working world of serving the system and spending the rest of their days paying for those at the top of it. Is a child that’s already spending six hours a day, five days a week cooped up in a cell, sorry ‘classroom’, with large amounts of homework to complete on top of that not enough? Clearly not! What more more proof do people need to show that their children are owned by the state?! Government run schools are now nothing but prisons (in both the physical and mental sense) and the only option, if you truly value the future of your offspring is to homeschool and eliminate that unnaturally overbearing influence of the state.


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