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January 17, 2013

Jackie Chan Calls America The Most Corrupt Country In The World

Jackie Chan America Corrupt

Hollywood hit maker and veteran martial arts star, Jackie Chan, has recently spoken of how he thinks America is the world’s most corrupt country, in a Chinese T.V interview. He told Phoenix T.V how he believes that China has been bullied by international ‘powers’ for a long time and that his country has only begun to make progress on it’s own in recent years, saying, in reference to the current global engineered financial ‘crisis’, “Where did this great breakdown come from? The world, the United States started it”.

The globally recognised and well respected movie star is of course right but the simple fact that he is Chinese has meant that his clear cut comments have angered some of the gatekeepers of the western establishment, with The Washington Post’s foreign affairs blogger Max Fisher for instance, authoring a damage limitation piece entitled “The Anti-Americanism Of Jackie Chan” – Yawn yawn, we mustn’t say anything derogatory about the west should we, especially if we’re from a country that has surpassed it in terms of economic growth and military might.

Obviously, China too has it’s fair share of corruption and manipulation, as does any other country being governed by the dark suited few, yet the difference is it’s people generally know this and acknowledged it a long time ago, whereas here in the so called ‘free world’, the majority still remain ignorant of the level of corruption that exists and would likely fiercely deny it if the topic was to arise. As always though, it’s good to see someone well known speak the truth, even if it is only at a basic, common sense level, as it may serve to spark an interest amongst the uninformed, into the shadowy global agenda that the US is quite clearly at the forefront of.


  1. mike luttrell

    CHINA has no patent laws all they have is stolen from every country and made our technology theres and as far as america currupt oh yeah but the american people are starting to awaken to this its not the peoples fault that the government would sacrifice there own children for a dollar this gov is totally corrupt and is becoming worse than a dictatorship for most cant open there eyes to see what our gov is doing and i love jackie chan hes not lyen just seems crazy he is here a short time and sees it but weve been brainwashed to believe and trust our gov well nooo sir someone please help the american people see the truth the media has them all brainwashed thanks to anyone who listens and helps me wake these sheep up

  2. Charles

    I believe entertainers should stick to entertainment not political propaganda and opinion. Hollywood has obviously Clooneyed another liberal wack job. Just call him Wacky Chan from hereon.

  3. Al

    I don’t get why everyone is so angry? I mean, so….? Doesn’t the man get to say his thoughts without getting eaten for it? If he says that then he has seen enough to say it, he never said his country was ‘clean’ so why the Hate?

  4. Peter

    Within the last few years, Jackie Chan has been sucking up to the Communist, so he could get into its market. What he is speaking, is nothing more other then the same propaganda that the communist have been speaking of, for years, now spoken through a celebrity’s mouth. Even, most celebrities from China, would not speak of Communist propaganda, but just steer clear of politic, yet Jackie…he use to be my favor action star, so sad.

  5. Josh Henderson

    Ugh. Listen people, the whole world is voicing thier opinion of the United States. Please don’t reinforce that opinion by making yourself look like an idiot with horrible grammar and blatant political stupidity. Everyone knows we are a long shot from being the most intellectual country, we don’t need you to prove it.

  6. Ravioli

    Bahaha. When white people get hurt for hearing the truth. Wake up you McDonald munching, hambargur loving, sex, porno addicted morons. Lol

  7. Foxious

    We call any country we desire terrorist, It’s freedom of speech, Jackie talks about what he thinks of us, we attack him! We make movies mocking other religion prophets, It’s our right, someone says they don’t believe in holocaust we attack them.
    We have nuclear bombs and have nuked Japan twice, then ask other countries to not develop nuclear energy.

    Yes, we indeed are not only the most corrupt country in the world but also the biggest bully.

    • Jim Landis

      That is fucking right, Foxious, America is the most corrupted country ever and Jackie Chan is an whole idiot for making movies in our country.

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