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January 19, 2015

‘Je Suis Charlie’: An Exercise in Mass Mind Control

Je Suis Charlie Mass Mind Control

The terrorist attacks that took place in Paris over a week ago which, if the mainstream media are to be blindly believed killed 17 people, shook the world in a manner unseen since the state sponsored attacks of 9/11 yet as horrific as they may or may not have actually been, they also served to illustrate how hopelessly dependent on and easily manipulated by the media the masses sadly still appear to be.

Within hours of the events being incessantly recited via the corporate controlled news channels the hashtag ‘Je Suis Charlie’ (‘I Am Charlie’) began trending as the uninformed instinctively looked to jump on an emotive bandwagon of supposed support for a man who’s provocative and foolhardy work, up until that point at least, they had known little to nothing of.

The dubious term quickly gained virality and once the suspects had been promptly tracked down and terminated by the authorities, Parisians took to the freshly militarised streets in their droves clutching paper sign’s displaying the slogan while digital advertisement boards simultaneously flashed the same, evoking scenes reminiscent of those from the classic conspiratorial 80’s movie They Live rather than those of a city in mourning. It was all as if the script had already been written.

And despite the widespread circulation of a repeatedly censored video showing one of the supposed terrorists shooting the sidewalk at point blank range instead of the head of a police officer as had ardently been reported by the complicit media, millions fervently followed the unconvincing official narrative without question, predictably laying the blame squarely with the Muslim world whilst welcoming the arrival of hundreds of soldiers and armed police onto the streets.

The fact that a French parliamentary vote a few days earlier recognising the right to a Palestinian state had outraged powerful Zionists in the Middle East – a vote which the psychotic Prime Minister of Israel himself had warned France would carry consequences if it were to result in the Palestinians favour apparently meant nothing either. No, this was of course the work of diehard ‘Islamic extremists’ hell-bent on destroying our supposed ‘freedom of expression’.

Yet regardless of whether this was a genuine attack by a bunch of incensed brown-faced baddies or a vengeful Mossad operation carried out by masked operatives matters not compared to the fascist Orwellian fallout of such an event. In the days following the attacks we have seen increased numbers of soldiers and armed police hitting the streets all over the Western world, over 50 arrests in Paris alone of people daring to question the validity of the attacks (so much for free speech) and of course the proposed introduction of yet more freedom violating ‘anti-terror’ laws to keep us all safe. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.

From the perspective of those in control however, the events (whether staged or simply capitalised on) represent an all-encompassing exercise in mass mind control to gauge how easily they can manipulate and how far they can push the collectively unconscious. Regardless of the sentiments behind the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ slogan following the attacks, I suspect most would have mindlessly adopted whatever slogan they had found conveniently placed under their noses. Herd mentality unfortunately still rules in situations like these and don’t the ruling ‘elite’ just know it.


  1. Samia

    I believe it’s the secret societies work. They want to destroy Islam

    • Je Suis Me

      I disagree. The elite need a “boogyman,” someone or some group that the people in power can point their finger at in order to justify bogus invasions and attacks on countries based on false pretenses. Also in the process they are slowly taking away our rights and telling us that it is for out own good, for our own safety. Unfortunately, Islam and Muslim culture has definitely taken a hit because they are the “boogyman” who the elite are using to frighten us into complying with their agenda.

      Ultimately what this is about is increasing the police state and censorship, which is ironic since the whole protest is supposedly based around protecting free speech. Currently in France, they are targeting dissenters and looking to “re assimilate” them. Which sounds an awful lot like a term used in the Nazi era called “re-education.”

      This attack has all the markings of a typical false flag terror event . Do not buy into it. Fight for your rights as a human being.

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