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March 21, 2013

Karma? Obama’s Limo Breaks Down During Brown Nosing Visit To Israel

Obama Limo Breakdown Israel

The illuminati puppet president of the so called ‘free world’ ran into a bit of bother yesterday after arriving in the apartheid state of Israel for a brown nosing visit to his Zionist overlords, when his presidential gas guzzler also known as the beast, unexpectedly juddered to a halt on the motorway between Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport and the unholy land of Jerusalem.

The lavish, heavily armoured multi million dollar limo (purchased with and ran on U.S taxpayers money) that is built to withstand attacks of all forms and even carries a vat of blood in the trunk matching the presidents type, was, despite the Secret Service playing dumb, apparently rather amusingly brought to a standstill after the driver had filled it’s fuel tank with petrol instead of diesel.

This occurred during Obama’s first presidential visit to Israel, which, according to the corporate controlled media, is to “strengthen the U.S-Israeli bond” yet which unfortunately for him (but thankfully for the rest of us who know what he represents and who he serves), didn’t quite go according to plan. A small dose of karma perhaps? He’s surely racked up enough of a debt to be encountering it by now.


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