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February 20, 2014

Katy Perry Gives Illuminati Goddess Performance at 2014 Brit Awards

Following on from her recent ritualistic rendition of Dark Horse at the 2014 Grammy Awards, illuminati pop puppet Katy perry last night performed again at the Brit Awards, this time appearing as a neon-clad ancient Egyptian Goddess, presumably to tie in with today’s official release of her similarly themed mind-numbing music video.

Predictably, there was plenty of overt fluorescent flashing pyramids and all-seeing eyes of Horus, as well as some good old gaudy goddess worship to coincide with the annual awards’ ceremony being centred around Britannia, the supposed British personification who is actually symbolic ‘code’ for the ancient Babylonian goddess Semiramis.

Despite this repeated and shining symbolism however, the millions of fans and followers watching likely still failed to recognise the occult deification ritual playing out before their very eyes, instead choosing to praise the tiresome illuminati inspired pop production, as was intended by its occult creators.

Katy Perry Brit Awards Illuminati

The opening stage & lighting resembled the sun & crescent moon of the Babylonian sun god & moon goddess worshipped by the illuminati.

Babylonian Sun Moon Gods

An ancient depiction of Babylonian sun god ‘Shamash’ within the crescent moon of goddess ‘Nanna’

Katy Perry Brit Awards Illuminati

Britannia, aka Queen Semiramis lords over pop ‘Queen’ Katy Perry.

Katy Perry Brit Awards Illuminati

Bow down to the power of the almighty illuminati.

Katy Perry Brit Awards Illuminati

Viewers got a right eyeful…

Katy Perry Brit Awards Illuminati

Katy’s dancers use neon poles to create a predictable pyramid behind her…

Katy Perry Brit Awards Illuminati

…before momentarily transforming it into what looks like a unicursal hexagram, of which Perry represents the flower in the centre.

Unicursal Hexagram

Notorious Satanist Aleister Crowley utilised the unicursal hexagram as part of his “Do what thou wilt…” philosophy.

Unicursal Hexagram

The performance finished up with a final focus on some ‘pyramid power’ light symbolism.

And here’s the official music video for Dark Horse packed full of yet more predictable ancient Egyptian/illuminati symbolism…

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  1. conscioustruth

    Walk like an Egyptian. The ‘stylelization’ is starting to bring laughs.

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