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January 29, 2014

Katy Perry’s Ritualistic Grammy Award’s Performance Pays Homage to Masonic Initiation

As you’re probably aware by now, the 2014 Grammy Award’s, the event at which music industry moguls (and soul-selling puppets alike) gather to pat each other on the back for their hard work and contributions to humanity, took place in Los Angeles at the weekend.

As has come to be expected with global ceremonies like these that are beamed to millions worldwide and consist of only the rich and famous, there were numerous references to the hidden hands of control within the music business, from Jay Z’s speech thanking God “a little” and his wife Beyonce’s raunchy pre-watershed performance, to Katy Perry’s shameless ritualistic rendition of her new song Dark Horse, which even usually unobservant mainstream media outlets picked up on.

E Online Katy Perry Tweet

Perry’s performance was undeniably the most sinister of the entire ceremony, with the 29 year old pop puppet taking to a dark, stormy stage inside an enchanted crystal ball, surrounded by towering horned demonic figures while the words “She casts spells from crystal balls. Invoking Spirits. She put me (you the viewer) in a trance.” were spoken to eager onlookers.

Katy Perry Dark Horse Illuminati

Cloaked Katy emerges from a crystal ball surrounded by horned demons.

Upon exiting her crystal ball, the cloaked E.T & Wide Awake singer revealed a large illuminated red crucifix on her chest that was no casual cross but one symbolic of the Masonic Knights Templar secret society, who capitalised on Christianity, using it as a cover for their occult foundation, and who’s emblematic reptilian guards can still be seen today stood at the perimeter of the Medieval illuminati inner sanctum otherwise known as ‘the City of London’.

Katy Perry Dark Horse Illuminati

and reveals an illuminated red crucifix as an homage to the satanic Knights Templar.

Knights Templar Cross

A Knights Templar cross featured on a belt buckle. See the resemblance?

City of London Dragon

A cast iron ‘dragon’ stands guard at the Templar controlled City of London

The Templar’s supposedly worshipped the Baphomet and conjured demonic spirits during important Masonic initiation ceremonies, hence why we see clueless Katy on stage at the Grammys symbolically conjuring spirits of her own, in the presence of a large horned demon, as she is unwittingly initiated deeper into the Masonic-illuminati music industry in front of millions of uninformed viewers.

Knights Templar Baphomet

A depiction of the Knights Templar Conjuring the Baphomet. Notice the cross over the chest of those involved, including the beast.

Katy Perry Dark Horse Illuminati

Katy re-enacts a Templar conjuring in front of millions.

To complete the Knights theme, the singer is then presented with a rearing, red-eyed dark horse, much like the one that can be seen standing outside the sinister Denver Airport ‘welcoming’ unwitting travellers, that many say is symbolic of the dark horse of the apocalypse, or perhaps even of the black nobility or ‘new illuminati’ spoken about here.

Katy Perry Dark Horse Illuminati

and comes face to face with the dark horse of the apocalypse…

Denver Airport Dark Horse

…similar to the sinister statue stood outside Denver International Airport.

Occult Katy then performed in front of the lifeless demons, using a horned witches broomstick as a pole to dance around, the top of which held more than a passing resemblance to the flaming head of the Baphomet, before being engulfed in a sacrificial circle of fire to symbolise her being burned at the stake, her final surrendering pose plainly telling those behind the scenes “I’m yours”.

Katy Perry Dark Horse Illuminati

She is then sacrificially burned at the stake.

Katy Perry Dark Horse Illuminati

“I’m Yours”

She casts spells from crystal balls. Invoking Spirits. She put me in a trance…


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