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September 2, 2013

Ke$ha’s Illuminati Pool Party Performance Awash With Shameless Symbolism

Current illuminati pop princess, Ke$ha, gave a vacant-eyed 50 minute “live” performance of some of her biggest commercial hits at the iHeart Radio Ultimate Pool Party in Miami this July and unsurprisingly, considering the outright industry puppet that she now is, those 50 mind-numbing minutes were awash with predictable illuminati symbolism from beginning to end.

The unwitting audience was quite literally bewitched by a barrage of blatant, in your face flashing big screen imagery, as well as flamboyant illuminati themed costumes, dress and embellishments that were proudly modelled throughout.

The “Die Young” singer also made a point of promoting casual sex to her largely young and impressionable fans, at one point even bizarrely speaking of her love for various varieties of testicles, which led on to how her favourite kind of “ball” is of course the eyeball – and specifically the all-seeing eyeball no doubt.

Yet when you consider Miley’s recent lewd performance at the VMA’s, this promotion of unsavoury subject matter isn’t mere ‘coincidence’. The selling of meaningless sex to younger generations and the continued and intentional decay of morality is quite clearly of great concern to those at the top.

ke$ha Illuminati Symbolism Eyeball

A cradled planet Earth transforms into an eye – The illuminati ‘runs’ the world.

Ke$ha Illuminati Pyramid Symbolism

First flash of some pyramid symbolism…

Ke$ha Illuminati Pyramid Symbolism

…then on to pyramids within pyramids.

ke$ha Keyboard Player Illuminati T-shirt

The keyboard player even gets in on the ‘act’ with a trendy t-shirt.

ke$ha Illuminati Symbolism

Wearing an illuminati headdress, Ke$ha proudly displays her love for “eyeballs”…

Ke$ha Illuminati Symbolism

…before being surrounded by a group of the dancing variety.

Ke$ha Illuminati Symbolism

An all-seeing illuminati eye flashes up behind them…

Ke$ha Illuminati Symbolism

…with more mesmerising eye/pyramid symbolism later thrown in for good measure.

Ke$ha Illuminati Symbolism

All finishing with a scantily clad Ke$ha modelling an inverted crucifix, surrounded by dancers with inverted pentagrams strapped across their chests – both symbols of satanism.

After an almost hour-long display of repetitive occult iconography, the idolised celebrity wrapped up the slavish illuminati show by telling her adoring fans that she hopes “they all get laid tonight”.

Consume, reproduce and for Satan’s sake, don’t think too much…

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