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June 14, 2013

Kim Dotcom Releases Video of Illegal Megaupload Mansion Raid

Kim Dotcom, the former owner of the popular file hosting website, megaupload, has released a video of the ruthless raid that took place at his New Zealand mansion back in 2012, following the recent ruling by a high court judge that it was in fact completely illegal. Kim’s description of the video reads “Helicopters, Assault Rifles, Anti-Terrorism Units, Attack Dogs and 72 cops terrorizing a zero-threat family” – and this is unfortunately exactly what we see.

The previously unseen CCTV footage shows the all too familiar sight of a crazed pack of overzealous state sponsored terrorists chomping at the bit to detain not a ‘terrorist’, not a mafia don nor some dangerous drugs baron but a fat guy from the internet and one whom they had no reason whatsoever to suspect was ‘dangerous’. Black helicopters swoop in and set down on the driveway, tubby armed robocops storm the grounds after clumsily scaling the already open, 3ft white picket gate while more trail with dangerous dogs, and all manner of motor vehicles move in to swipe the peaceful internet tycoon’s private property before he even has a chance to get dressed.

Included in the video is footage from court of an implicated police officer admitting that “deliberate force” was “employed” and of Kim himself explaining how he was brutally punched in the face and kicked to the floor by the thugs in uniform, as well as of the Prime Minister of New Zealand issuing an insincere apology. This is what happens when you jeopardise the illuminati controlled entertainment stronghold of Hollywood. No matter where you are in the world, your government will be forced to bow down to the influential illuminati fat cats and their corrupt corporate interests.


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