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January 7, 2014

Kim Dotcom Speaks About the ‘Five Eyes Spy Club’ in Exclusive Interview

Internet entrepreneur and creator of MegaUpload KimDotcom, speaks with Vice at his huge home in New Zealand about the importance of internet privacy in an age of unchecked and self-serving global government surveillance.

The larger than life nonconformist nerd who is still under house arrest one year after being subject to a ruthless raid by over 70 crazed cops which he describes as a “power play”, speaks of the “five eyes spy club” and the archaic copyright ‘laws’ entertainment industry fat cats use to coerce governments into silencing those who threaten their boundless greed.

…they undermine our rights, they destroy our freedoms, they censor our internet, so we are the ones who have to bring that change… I’m fucking tired of this nonsense, someone needs to stand up and change that.


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