Illuminati and Music

April 11, 2013

Korn Condemns The Illuminati

Obama is an illuminati puppet.

Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of the multi-platinum selling, twice grammy award winning heavy metal band Korn, openly expressed his views regarding the illuminati and their agenda for a new world order in an interview with

The hardened rocker tells of how a song he wrote that features on their tenth album, The Path of Totality, conveys his beliefs that Obama is merely an “illuminati puppet” and how those in control aim to repeatedly break the people down until they surrender to a one world government.

Considering that in their heyday, Korn were extremely successful and effectively reached the pinnacle of their industry – an industry that is ultimately controlled and governed by illuminati interests, what Davis is boldly speaking about, although admittedly nothing ‘new’ to those already aware of the illuminati agenda, should still be taken seriously, as it is coming from a place of experience and earnestness.


  1. Christoff Beasterson

    Awesome video!! Keep it real Korn!!

  2. Xian Amatory Murder

    At least this guy has balls. I respect Korn even more now, at least they’re singing about stuff that matters and not who is fucking who or how many G’s they have. Great interview + video.

  3. pat pignataro

    never been a big korn fan I thought they were ok but this is great shit and even greater that you guys are putting it out there for the people to see whats going on and how this deceiver in the white house and all of his governmental comrades are turning a once great nation into the U.S.S.A welcome home to Amerika comrade

  4. countering

    Good job. Korn is not corn.

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