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December 22, 2014

Leaked Madonna Track ‘Illuminati’ References Obama, The Pope & Queen Elizabeth

A demo of Madonna’s 13th studio album ‘Iconic’ was prematurely revealed to the world last week after an online leak which the singer somewhat sensationally described as “artistic rape” and “terrorism” in a self pitying interview with The Guardian.

Sandwiched between a collection of otherwise unilluminating numbers however, was a track entitled ‘Illuminati’ in which the high priestess of the occult entertainment industry attempts (rather poorly) to dispel the concept of a malevolent ruling elite.

The cabalistic dabbler name-drops several high profile public figures on the track including Jay Z, Barack Obama, The Pope and Queen Elizabeth, woefully rapping about how they don’t actually belong to the shadowy secret society nor deal in black magic.

And while she’s right in her assertion that they aren’t in the illuminati, you can rest assured they’re the very kinds of people who indirectly answer to or are unwittingly exploited by the illuminati in return for untold fame, fortune or power. Just like Madonna herself.

It’s not Jay Z and Beyonce… It’s not Oprah and Obama, The Pope, Ariana, Queen Elizabeth or Kanye… black magic or Kanye.


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