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June 21, 2013

Lexus Jumps on The Illuminati / Masonic Bandwagon With New Commercial

Lexus, a company that you would not normally associate with all things illuminati, has decided to jump on said bandwagon with a tediously unoriginal advertisement for their 2014 IS model that comes about 5 years too late. The ad, which is obviously an attempt by Lexus to reach out to a younger, more funky demographic looks more like that of a Lady Gaga music video than a vehicle commercial and in keeping with such, features the themes we have now become accusomed to being exposed to through the corporate media.

Entitled Change Lanes the piece is shown predominantly in black and white, linking with the masonic chequerboard imagery seen throughout, which is presumably a nod to it’s existing freemason customers, who, according to popular motor journalist Jeremy Clarkson, predominantly drive Lexus’. Of course, we also see an adequate amount of one eyed symbolism reflecting the controlling forces behind the corporate world and then for good measure some good old police state imagery to remind us all what’s around the corner. Thanks Lexus. #Yawn.

Lexus Illuminati Eye

Eye Eye…

Lexus Illuminati Eye Symbolism


Lexus Illuminati Ad Freemasonic Legs

Nice pins…

Lexus Illuminati Ad Elite Tea Pad

Elite tea party

Lexus Illuminati Ad Police State Symbolism

Get used to seeing allot more of this

Lexus Illuminati Ad Mind Control

Oh the mind controlled insanity of it all!


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