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November 18, 2011

Liberating Yourself From The Illuminati Agenda – Part 1

No To Illuminati Control

Coming to the realization that there is a clandestine collection of ‘elite’ controllers that have been manipulating and suppressing your life from the day you were born can understandably be quite distressing to say the least – even if you’ve always had a feeling deep down that something was never really quite right, as most of us innately do. You may wonder how then, if the illuminati are so powerful and all encompassing as well as being secretive, can we possibly do anything about it. “What can do about the fact I have been lied to and purposely mislead all my life”. Some may even argue that no good will come of focusing on it and that it is better to put it to the back of your mind and try and simply ‘make the best of it’.

While this is all understandable and completely warranted, especially when considering most peoples current situations and mindset, what you have to remember is that it is the few who control the many and that the real power lies not in their phony, fabricated institutions of control but with us, the people and you, the individual. The Illuminati know this and it is the reason why they go to such extreme levels to prevent you from coming to this realization. Once you do however, you begin to see that there are in fact many things both large and small that can be done that allow you to take your power back from them but more importantly to liberate yourself into living a much freer, happier and more natural life, the way it was always supposed to be before it was hijacked.

Although some of the suggestions here may not apply to you, or you may not think that they are possible at this stage in your life they are still worth giving genuine consideration because even just a few fundamental and basic changes in the way you live your life can help to place you on a more liberated and self empowered path and allow you to see reality in a much clearer and definitive way.

To begin with, because religion is one of the oldest and most prevailing control tools of the illuminati, it makes sense to stay well away from the doctrines and dogma of mainstream religion and the fanatical exploits it generates throughout the world. If you have been raised with religion throughout your life then it will no doubt be very hard to completely withdraw from and leave it behind and this is completely understandable.

Religion CoexistThere are many fundamental truths and valuable teachings hidden amongst the falsehoods of religion that can potentially help to make you a better person and appreciate life in a more satisfying way but only when they are regarded from a broader, non dogmatic or judgmental position and without letting fear govern, which,

unfortunately is not usually the case with most that prescribe to religion.

If you’re not religious, then the chances are you’ll advocate the more rational notions presented by science and again, while this is perfectly reasonable and in many ways healthy and admirable, you need to remain conscious of the fact that what we refer to as scientific ‘fact’, is mostly actually just theory and that like religion, science struggles to provide us with the definitive answers to the real questions we want to know. This of course is exactly how it is supposed to be as the illuminati have designed and infiltrated both religion and science in order to prevent us from obtaining any real truths by feeding us agenda laden falsity disguised as scientific fact or divine truth. You should therefore utilize genuine scientific discoveries to help you better understand your position in the universe but not let it blind you to other possibilities, just like dogmatic religious beliefs can.

Due to the fact that education plays such a large and influential part in the illuminati agenda it is important that if you are still in education, that you ask yourself why and is it what you truly want to be doing, or are you there simply because that is what the ‘status quo’ dictates? If you are older and have already passed through the ultimately illuminati established and controlled education system then it is wise to begin to ‘re educate’ yourself via alternative media in order to rid yourself of much of the inaccuracies about reality that you have been led to believe from a young and impressionable age.

If you currently have children in the education system, it is critical that you ask yourself – are they being taught fundamental truths that will truly help them to flourish in life or are they merely being molded into the perfect ‘system-servers’ that will grow to spend much of their lives serving and believing in a false sense of illuminati reality. If the latter is the case then you should seriously consider removing them from the system and home schooling to prevent them from being exposed to the illuminati mind control and deception that is passed off as ‘education’.

Illuminati WorkOne of the main ways the illuminati control and enslave the masses is through work and the never ending pursuance of money. The chances are that you either work to earn a living or are aiming to at some point as this is the prescribed norm. One of the best and most simple ways to liberate yourself (at least partially) from the illuminati pitfall of employment is to simply work for yourself. Self employment allows you far greater control of your time, dealings and finances and also helps to empower you a great deal by not relying on a third party to supply you with a wage at the

end of the month.

Working for yourself is not necessarily as difficult as you may imagine. You simply need to find a unique talent you have or take an existing skill and find a way to provide it to people in return for payment. We all have talents and skills whether we’re aware of them or not but unfortunately our society is not structured in such a way that nurtures and helps us make the best of these, instead favoring more ‘realistic’ life choices. However, realizing that we can actually utilize our talents and skills in order to earn us a living at the very least, with the potential for far more, can lead to a much more satisfying and enjoyable ‘work life’, that trading your time for money in order to make somebody else rich simply cannot do.

Also, when you’re employed by someone else the illuminati organizations have complete access to all of your personal details as you will have had to supply them when applying for the job, whereas when working for yourself, depending on what it is you are doing, there is the possibility of keeping many of these details private and giving the illuminati institutions of control less on an idea of exactly where you are and what it is your doing with your life, which is the ultimate aim here.

Another of the most effective ways the illuminati generate a false sense of reality for us is through T.V, radio and the mainstream media. All of these organizations are owned and controlled by the same few people and serve to keep us in a state of perpetual fear by feeding us biased, agenda encumbered falsities designed and dressed up to look like credible fact and presented as ‘news’. There is obviously nothing wrong with wanting to keep up with current world affairs but to rely on and believe the illuminati controlled mainstream media outlets is a big mistake if you are looking to truly liberate yourself.

Instead of watching news on the T.V, listening to it on the radio or reading about it in the newspapers, you should instead look into the emerging alternative media scene, which, admittedly is found mostly online for obvious reasons but can also be found in non mainstream newspaper and magazine formats too. This will give you a much more accurate and unbiased picture of the events that are falsely being portrayed by the mainstream media and also give you a greater understanding of why these things are taking place and being orchestrated. The mainstream media is one of the illuminati’s most powerful tools for manipulating the minds of the masses and so you should avoid it at all costs if you want to keep yours.

Illuminati TV ProgrammingIn general, people watch far to much television and again, it serves only to feed the population an illusory and false sense of reality and fill peoples valuable spare time with mostly meaningless drivel that ensures they will pose no threat to the illuminati’s ongoing endeavors. If you must engage in entrancing out in front of the idiot box then you should at least remain conscious of what it is you’re viewing. Try to only turn on the T.V to watch specific items that are of genuine interest and value to you, instead of aimlessly flicking

through the endless number of channels and simply being unconsciously presented with whatever is on. Remember, it is called programming for a reason.

Diet and the things we put into our bodies obviously have a major impact on how we feel, both physically and mentally and on how long we live, yet unfortunately, the vast majority of the things we consume is illuminati mass produced garbage that is laden with harmful chemicals, drugs, preservatives and other things that are designed to suppress our endocrine system, inhibit our bodies natural cellular processes and generally dumb us down. Even if you eat a healthy diet containing plenty of fruit and vegetables the chances are that they are still covered in and filled with chemicals and have likely even been genetically modified to provide the producers with the biggest, most attractive looking yields with which to make a healthy profit but which is not in the best interests of our health.

You should aim to eat only organic foods that are ideally grown by yourself. It does not require allot of money, space or effort to grow a good variety of vegetables in your garden or on your own land and this, when complimented with a healthy, organic only diet relying on less mass produced items can have untold benefits on your health and well being. If everyone chose to do just this instead of simply relying on the big illuminati food producing corporations then they would not have as much influence over what we consume on a daily basis.

As you progress with ‘dietary liberation’, many find vegetarianism or even veganism a natural step in the process. This however, may not be appealing to many especially if a lifetime has been spent eating meat and dairy products and this is perfectly reasonable, as long as you ensure that it is organic fed meat and dairy you are eating and that it is supplemented with a healthy diet containing plenty of organic fresh fruit and vegetables and no mass produced junk food. Vegetarianism and veganism though, for those who are prepared to make the sacrifice, can provide great benefits both in terms of health and spiritual well being.

As well as the food we eat the water we drink is of vital importance to our health and well being. The illuminati know this and it is the reason why almost all of the drinking water at the taps in the ‘developed’ world is fluoridated unbeknown to most of the population, under the pretense of improving oral health – with the complete opposite really being the case. When you look into what fluoride actually is (a toxic industrial waste by product) and what it actually does to the body (again, undermines the endocrine system and generally dumbs us down) it becomes pretty apparent that you should not be putting it in your body.

It is far better to drink only bottled mineral or spring water but again you need to be cautious of what brand of water you are drinking because unsurprisingly, most bottled water is provided by the same corporations that produce the unhealthy, chemical filled and genetically modified food, which means that it may not contain fluoride but will likely have other additives and undesirable ingredients. Ideally, you need to source a genuine and reliable bottled water company that you know for sure where it is sourced and how it is processed, or, invest in a filtration unit that removes the fluoride and other harmful constituents from tap water and makes if far cleaner and safer to drink. It is understandable that finding a good source of safe, clean water that has been untampered with may not be an easy task and so your initial aim should at least be to stop drinking the fluoridated water from the tap and to switch to bottled water which, admittedly, may not be perfect but is a far better option to being unwittingly medicated.

Illuminati AddictionsOther substances we put into and expose our bodies to because of addictions for example also serve to keep us plugged into and reliant on the illuminati agenda. The cigarette and alcohol industries are a major way for the illuminati to keep us unhealthy, dependent, poor, and paying for the privilege being so, via the extortionate rate of tax that comes attached with the purchase of such drugs and serves only to keep the

corporate interests rich and in profit while the users of their ‘products’ suffer the consequences of such addictions with cancer and liver disease amongst the many other debilitating effects.

Understandably, these substances can cause lifelong and excruciatingly strong addictions for many people that require allot of willpower and energy to get rid of but it is essential to do so, or at the very least cut down dramatically, if you are going to free yourself from the illuminati agenda. Don’t be fooled just because these substances are made ‘legal’ while other, far less harmful, substances are kept illegal, this is done this for a reason. They do not want you consuming the more natural and relatively harmless substances that may actually serve to open your mind but instead require you to be addicted to their chemical filled, cell rotting poisons, as it ensures you are kept permanently dependent, unaware of any other possibilities in regards to reality and that you pose no real threat to them.

Have you ever wondered why the ‘elite’ families and individuals in positions of power in our society today live very long, healthy lives free from cancer and disease – far better than that of the average member of the public? It is because they don’t consume the chemical filled and genetically modified food and drink that is produced by them for us and that they do not get addicted to the harmful substances that they produce and continually fund to keep the population dependent on. They know the key to life is non addiction and a healthy, chemical free diet.

Relinquishing these addictions will obviously have untold benefits on your physical health but as well as this you will gain a sharper clearer mind that is far more capable of seeing the world as it really is, which is exctly what the illuminati don’t want and is fundamentally why they work so hard to keep us addicted to and filling our bodies with disease manifesting rubbish.

The next big thing in regards to physical health and liberating yourself from the illuminati agenda is the use of medicine and the role the pharmaceutical industries play in our lives. The big pharmaceutical corporations fundamentally exist as global drug producers who push and sell their ‘product’ to the hospitals, clinics and doctors who then deal the drugs on a ground level to the population and it is in their best interests to keep us all sick and ultimately uncured.

Illuminati Prescription DrugsMuch of western medicine treats only the symptoms and bypasses the underlying causes which means that the problem is never truly addressed and will likely reappear again. Many of the drugs we are told to take may appear to cure illness in one area but will in fact serve to manifest it in another, creating a knock on effect and a hotbed for disease. While western medicine is very effective for treating and dealing with immediate trauma, it is highly ineffective on the whole at curing us without adverse side effects and keeping us healthy and this is exactly how it is designed to be because it is a creation of the illuminati who fundamentally require us to be in a permanent state of sickness and distress.

The word ‘disease’ is not actually properly understood by western medicine. Dis-ease simply means that your body is not at ease with itself and its surroundings and so will not function properly (probably due to some basic chemical imbalance caused by the illuminati additives in the things we consume on a daily basis) and so has manifested some sort of physical disorder. It is merely a sign, a way of your body telling you something that you are doing is not right and that you need to make changes instead of continuing to live in the same manner and although the physical manifestations of dis-ease will probably need treating, western medicine only encourages inducing strong and dangerous drugs to try and eliminate the manifestation and overlooks the actual dis-ease itself.

Homeopathy and eastern medical approaches can be much more effective at fully and safely treating sickness as they use primarily natural substances and remedies and actually treat the underlying causes instead of merely the symptoms, while at the same time obviously moving you away from another one of the illuminati institutions of control and manipulation.

Vaccinations are another appalling illuminati creation and are again used to keep the population dumbed down, subdued and ironically more susceptible to sickness as they actually suppress our natural immune system – all under the guise of preventing disease and keeping us healthy of course! We are all born with a perfectly good immune system that is more than capable of naturally preventing disease and sickness in our bodies, the illuminati know this however and so work very hard to ensure all of us are vaccinated multiple times from the second we are born in order to inhibit the development of our immune system, making us more susceptible to illness during our lives and ensuring we become completely reliant on the pharmaceutical industries’ chemical drugs to ‘cure’ us.

It is clearly preferable to remain healthy without having to seek medical help and while this may sometimes seem like circumstantial inevitability, it is actually quite easy to avoid once you begin to liberate yourself and employ even just some of the suggestions put forward here.

MeditationA great way to keep your body at ease and stress free is to practice one of the many eastern methodologies such as yoga, tai chi or meditation for example which will help to quieten and relax your mind, teach you to breath properly which is vital importance if you want a stress free life and a disease free body and to also give you a non arduous, yet highly effective exercise workout. These practices help put you back in touch with who you really are and help you to detach from all of the illuminati falsehoods that you are constantly exposed to.

To run alongside such practices, the reading and viewing of alternative and ‘new age’ material can complement them and give you a better understanding of how to attain a more spiritual grounding in your life, although you need to be wary of self proclaimed guru’s and be mindful of who you listen to because as with anything in life there are undoubtedly fraudsters perpetuating and promoting fear based falsehoods for their religious beliefs, to promote their own agenda or simply for monetary gain.


  1. goon boy

    working for yourself is a superb way to take back control of your life – over 50% of the population work for the government – this is not how it should be…

  2. kim

    It is wrong to advice people to stop religion altogether. While I agree with most of what you said, I know without a doubt that to stop these people we should cry out to God and go back to our Christian Principles. Jesus is the answer for the world today. Above him there’s no other.

    • sd

      WOW you are lost. if you think god is going to save you and you just sit there and cry for his help. religion was made as a guideline, only you can help yourself.

      • WHAMMO!

        Spoken as a true lost soul who has never experienced a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

      • lol

        r u that dumb I bet a chipmunk is smarter than u

        • Chelsea

          First of all are you really that rude and cruel that you have to call somebody dumb for making a statement about what they believe?

          For me, as for many people I know it is far more illogical to believe that there isn’t an intelligent creator. All you have to do is look at the world around you to see that there is an intelligent design. I feel it is a much bigger stretch of the imagination to say that the earth and the galaxy (all the planets and billions upon billions of stars) just popped out of nowhere. Also, what about mankind’s innate sense of morality (of wrong and right) If there is no God there is no absolute. The bible is what defines right and wrong by giving us clear guidelines of what to do. If there is no God than human life has no value. Anyone could just murder anyone they wanted to without feeling remorseful about it. You can sleep with anyone you want to and get all of the lovely STI’s you want to. A fetus with a heartbeat is not a baby, men can marry men, women can marry women. Someone could take as many partners for themselves as they desire but what would be the point anyway. No value to life, no reason to live. Our species just may as well die away because we’re all going to die any way. Stop calling other people stupid for believing something that you don’t agree with. In a sense a chipmunk may be smarter than a great many of us because at least they are doing what they were created to do instead of denying their nature that is built into them by an intelligent creator.

          • Tamara

            because of people like you the world is as fucked up as it is right now. haven’t you witnessed all the conflict religion brings upon us? and yes, including christians. starting with crusades and events like the inquisition, where millions of innocent were taken away in violent, morbid ways. with you’re extremist way of seeing a world, you’re telling that an innocent kid who is not exposed to christianity has no morale? that because he doesn’t know about jesus or read the bible he will grow up to be a murderer? and don’t even get me started with homosexuality. religion should be about FAITH and LOVE not discrimination. don’t bring more conflict discriminating people that aren’t like you. do you think the nazis did the right thing with the jews? do you think society is doing the right think discriminating homosexuals? in the end were all humans and we all have the same nature, and we have the right to love who we want and think what we want, AS LONG AS WE’RE KIND TO EACH OTHER. so my advice is for you to actually learn something from the bible and spread love instead of ignorance.

    • debby davis

      I agree. Jesus is the only answer. I just don’t want my free will to get in the way of living an unhealthy life. I have grandchildren , very young ones. I know that at least one is already addicted to sugar, and it’s difficult to find healthy foods that I can trust, and the child will eat!

    • gem

      I agree Kim, this is a very good article however as we know following Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life.

  3. Dion

    To end religion is not to end the devotion to god and Jesus! It’s simply to rid away with the human population telling the people who are too lazy to read the bible their version of what it says you should do with your life

  4. Sam-shi

    At the beginning of the article, you start advising people to take their kids out of illuminati-ridden school education and begin home schooling. If you do do this, then what are you expected to teach your children? If pretty much everything we have been taught is only a small portion fact to “protect us” then are we suppose to teach our kids that there are people like the illuminati out their that are putting a cap on the childrens education?

    • gem

      Sam-shi there is plenty of truth material out there. Take a look at Brasscheck TV, for a start, Jon Rappeport of No More Fake News is awesome, you will find others x

  5. Sho

    Islam is the true religion and this life is a test. Satan has told god that until the end of time he shall be changing the mindset of people to believe what he says is right and gods words as wrong. The illuminati are all satanist and are waiting for the arrival of the anti christ.

    • Catherine

      For your information , top Muslim leaders meet with the top illuminati members . Both sides know that they worship lucifer . Allah means “moon God “and is not the God almighty or heavenly God of Israel . Jews and Christians believe in the true religion and only religion handed down to us not you. Your laws are different and you do not have the covenant with God . The Jews received the word of God first through Moses and handed to the Christians through Christ . You are not of our book! Mohammed is a liar and evil conjured up by the Vatican . Read your history . This is why the Mohammed had to ask permission from the Vatican when Islam first began ..He had no miracles and is nothing but a deceiver just like lucifer . Just read the Hadith . Muslim walk around the demonic black stone seven times thinking their sins will be forgiven .. Meanwhile killing hundreds being trampled . That black stone is demonic from the Babylonian religion .You also believe that if one drop of blood is spilt killing Jews and Christians in the name of your Allah then you go straight to heaven . The Jews are the chosen people and the Christians will always have their back . You deny the resurrection of Christ and that he is the son of God . Your religion is a beef stew of ripping off phrases from our book and adding your own made up laws . Anyone reading this google Wahlid Shoebat . He is a former Palestinian terrorist that is now a Christian .

      • maria

        way are you so angry!! We are all choosen people! Way would God chose some and leave others!! that’s is not my God!! My God is love!!

      • iliass

        you are wrong miss islam it is forbidden to kill innocent christians or jews..on the contrary, it is possible for a muslim man to mary a christian woman…and Muhammed didn’t even see the Vatican..and Allah does not mean the moon god..Islam came to destroy paganism
        this in the Coran
        You will find that the worst enemies of the believers are the Jews and the idol worshipers. And you will find that the closest people in friendship to the believers are those who say, “We are Christian.” This is because they have priests and monks among them, and they are not arrogant.

  6. Catherine

    Be careful with yoga. Read about the illuminati connection with yoga . Jesus is the tool which we need to use to protect ourselves from the demonic influences . Look open your closet and pray in there . Read the bible , learn more about satan and the power you have when you believe in the father of Abraham ,issac,and Jacob. This God is king of the universe .. Satan has the world but he doesn’t need to take your soul . Stay close to Jesus and recite passages .. Be in the word .if you feel you are around an evil person etc just say outloud ” I rebuke you in the name of Jesus . ” but you must believe in Jesus first .

    • Jules

      What’s wrong with yoga? What’s wrong with learning to breath properly and low strenuous exercise that builds strength and flexibility?

      • erik

        Fundamentalist Christians believe that anything that is different from the Bible is evil. They think mysticism is evil. They think eastern philosophy and the eastern religions are evil. They are so uneducated. Generally speaking, they seem to worship the Jews and Israel, rather than God. Yet, they don’t realize that Jewish men at the age between 40 to 45, after having studied the Hebrew Scriptures using the oral traditions of Midrashim and the Talmud, re-learn the Scriptures using Jewish Kabbalah (which is just Jewish Mysticism that incorporates Numerology, Alchemy, and the Zohar). Basically, they re-study the scriptures using esoteric teachings that interpret the scriptures as spiritual truths rather than physical ones.

  7. KG

    The illuminati are sick psychopaths that must be stopped. They are playing god by poisoning people with chemicals. They are the ones that are really dumbed down by doing these sick things for their own narcissistic selfish purpose. If there is a God I hope he punishes them and puts an end to this dumb and selfish tyranny.

  8. John

    Vaccunations exercise our immunitary system leaving a small quantity of virus which our body is capable to fight, and that prepares us to a possible future attack. It was first invented by Edward Jenner in 1796. For more information look, but don’t say if you don’t know.

  9. IlluminatiIsFake

    The Illuminati simply isn’t real. It’s just a facade for idiots who want an explanation for life. We were sent to earth, excuse me, EVOLVED on earth, so that we could simply live and reproduce. There is no SEEEECRET government conspiracy controlling us. You guys just want to know what life is, and it’s a mindless quest to survive. That’s all.

    • Admin

      Perhaps, or maybe it’s a case of mass cognitive dissonance as accepting even the possibility of such a thing is simply too painful for most.

      And I wouldn’t necessarily call questioning what most naively refer to as “reality” idiotic, now believing everything your government tells you…

  10. alex Gregg

    First of all I hate the illuminati. They are in my life way to much and are extremely annoying. I do believe they are good in some ways. But they have way too much power and don’t need to play god. Second of all I have tried religion and all I have to say is believe what you want. Stop fighting about what religion is better cause that’s how most wars start. Don’t try and convert me but I do respect your beliefs. Basically stop trying to prove your obviously made up religion is The right and only one. I take a little bit from every religion and put it to some use in my life. Not one is right they all have a porpuse and you just sound like a Dick trying to say that yours is better. Thankyou and please shut up

    • Dennis

      Alex, I dare you to genuinely ask God (who seems to be unknown to you) to make Himself and His Son Yeshua (Jesus) known to you. He will fulfill His promise to do this through His Holy Spirit who still resides here on earth in Jesus place. God knows you and wants to work with you one-on-one. He most often communicates in a still small internal voice, but of course we cannot put Him in a box, and can do it any way He pleases. When it happens, you can love it, and grow a relationship with Him, and be blessed and fulfilled, or leave it and be cursed and empty. You sound pretty empty spiritually in your blog, so I hope you want to find God, YHWH, the “I Am That I Am”, the “I Am What I Will Be”, the “I Will Be What I Will Be”. He gives with responsibility, and grace, freely…His great love, inner peace, real inner freedom, knowledge of the Way and the Truth and the Life, growth into real fulfillment, sharing intimately in the Godhead via the body of His Son,… in His great mercy, relief from guilt and shame and complete payment for misdeeds and sin, the wonderful list of His blessings is endless for you if you want to share in His endless love and to learn to live out of the scroll that He wrote for your destiny before time began. Because we are mankind, we are created initially “in God, through (the Word) Jesus Christ our Lord”, and that is our true position in life. Through “acceptance and agreement with” Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf and His victory over death and sin, we are repositioned (recreated) back into Him and through Him to Father God. So for your destiny to be corrected, and for you to know real love, life, truth, and direction according to God’s great unfolding will, then you need to ask God to reveal Himself to you, and for you to be open to His response. And then God and you can walk together and unfold your future. I wish you all the best and hope you make the right moves. Dare I say it…God bless you.

  11. TheTruthSeeker

    World wide it is happening !! Christians being beheaded the camps the gov will throw us in is made already each one made by a train track .for shipping regardless I feel its too late to stop them but you can eat healthy grw your own food out everyday don’t just read the bible talk to him Jesus is real in even thru the death we his followers shall live on with Christ .

  12. tony

    yoga is satanic research it, christmas is pagan, christianity and the king james bible is key along with the things he said above except the religion and yoga part.

  13. David

    Too much TRUTH for most people!

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