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November 18, 2011

Liberating Yourself From The Illuminati Agenda – Part 2

Illuminati Debt Slavery

Due to the fact that money is one of the illuminati’s greatest tools of control, it makes obvious sense that in order to break free from the the shackles it imposes, you should become less reliant on, obsessed with and fearful of money. Admittedly, this can be one of the most difficult things to try and liberate yourself from, especially when considering that the vast majority of us are still forced to operate within the monetary system, however there are many things that can be done that can help release your dependancy on it and grant you more freedom from the endless pursuance of it.

You can either try to ‘game the game’ and make yourself so much money, or earn money in such a way that you can effectively live in a financially free manner and not have to spend the majority of your time working on the accumulation of it in

order to support you and your loved ones – which is probably not a realistic goal or option for most people, or you can to try and live a more simple and frugal life that is less reliant on money and material things. This can be a risky area however as it is easy to become obsessed with the hoarding and saving of what money you do have and weary of spending it and this reinforces fear and serves to keep you as entrapped as the lifelong pursuance of money does, so you must remain conscious of this.

You can cleverly construct your life in such a way that what money you do get is utilized properly and isn’t squandered on inherently valueless, materialistic things that are designed to impress others and fill empty voids in your life but is used to enhance the more truly meaningful things in your life. This can be done by implementing many of the suggestions here, such as relinquishing the believed obligation to pay extortionate rates of interest on your debts and to grow your own food instead of spending what money you do have on overpriced, illuminati produced junk from the supermarket. All of these

suggestions are interconnected and will naturally complement each other once you begin to implement them in your life.

Once you realize what it is that money ultimately represents, can see it for its true valuelessness and begin to let go of that lifelong belief in it’s illusory value and power then your life will naturally change for the better and you will begin to see a more genuine state of reality.

Illuminati Money SlaveryMaterial goods have their place in our lives and can enhance them to varying degrees in different ways but it is the fanatical pursuance and adoration of such things that is fundamentally the problem. The vast majority of our material goods are intrinsically valueless and it is what we wrongly view as the smaller, more insignificant things that actually hold true value and are what we should really be giving our attention and time to.

There is not necessarily anything wrong with surrounding yourself with nice things as long as you do not let them overshadow the things of true meaning and value and that you remain conscious of what the real priorities in your life ought to be. We can surround ourselves with an endless array of material items but after the initial short lived pleasure that is gained from them inevitably diminishes, the need for more will arise, which goes to show that these things cannot truly provide us with a genuine and lasting pleasure, like the real things of value in life can. It is one of the illuminati’s many aims to keep us obsessed with pursuing and owning material goods, as again, it serves to detach us from our true selves and distract us from the agenda as it is being implemented right in front of us.

Another highly effective way to liberate yourself from the illuminati’s influences and control, if at all possible, is to relocate yourself and live away from the built up cities and towns that represent the illuminati centers of control. They contain the financial hubs, the governmental and political strongholds not to mention the masses of other subsidiary organizations of control and so if you live in, or close to a city or large town, you are literally in the ‘thick of it’, which, if you are looking for a way out of the illuminati domination and influence in your life – is far from ideal.

Although it can be exciting and enjoyable to experience city life for a short period, to live in such an environment serves to keep you locked into the false, man made illuminati sense of reality. The incessant noise – sirens, alarms, shouting, screaming & honking, the bright artificial lights and smells, the pollution and litter etc will all take their toll on you wether you’re aware of it or not. Mass amounts of electromagnetic signals from mobile phone masts, wireless internet and emergency services tetra communications are permanently being broadcast and pass through your organic, cellular body on a daily basis which again, over time, will begin to take it’s toll on you whether your aware if or not and can ultimately lead to physical health problems manifesting, as well as your mind gradually becoming cloudy and subdued.

If you move outwards toward the countryside where there is far more space, less noise and clutter, cleaner air and more natural beauty you will immediately feel a much greater sense of freedom. We are not fundamentally supposed to be cooped up and penned into small restrictive spaces and be constantly informed or told how, when, where, why, and what we should or shouldn’t be doing as we are in town and city centers.

Illuminati CityscapeIn an ideal situation you could even migrate to a part of the world that supports this level of freedom even further. Sunshine, cleaner air, healthier food, cheaper standards of living and generally a more relaxed attitude to life can all be found in many parts of the world away from the sprawling illuminati centers of control. If the illuminati’s agenda is particularly prevalent in the area you reside (and the chances are it will be if you live in an urban

environment) then it makes obvious sense to try and move your life to somewhere where the relative few in control can have far less of an influence on your life. Of course, this is idealistic and may not currently be a realistic option for many and if this the case, you could aim to spend less of your spare time in the illuminati controlled city centers and spend it out in more natural environments, as this will help to counteract the fact that you currently reside in a built up, artificial environment and will act to at least give you some breathing space and temporary freedom.

What with money being one of the illuminati’s greatest control tools it is only natural that the debt that comes along with the use of money also serves to keep us enslaved to those who control it and this is exactly how it is designed to be because fundamentally, money is debt. If possible, you should aim to either pay off your debts as soon as possible or, if you are ready to progress with fully liberating yourself from the system of financial control – relinquish them fully and simply stop paying. This is not as hard and intimidating as most people may think. Once the banks, corporations and credit card companies realize they are not going to get ‘their’ money back, they will soon move on to other, more lucrative avenues and you will realize that the tedious threats and important sounding letters that they sent were completely empty, full of lies and in fact made out of sheer desperation on their part, which consequently allows you to see a little more clearly through the veil of illusion that they have had you believe in your whole life.

There is absolutely nothing honorable whatsoever about enslaving yourself to repay extortionate levels of interest on your debts and when you realize that the so called money you were loaned was actually created from nothing and that you were most likely acutely manipulated into getting into debt in the first place it becomes obvious what the next step should be. Also, the financial system is on the verge of collapse as more and more of the population begin to see it for what it really is so surely now would be the perfect time to make the decision to liberate yourself from financial enslavement.

Getting the population into debt is crucial to the illuminati as it keeps people in a state of fear and distracted from their true selves. If people simply refused to repay their debts en masse, the illuminati financial control system would crumble and everyone would see what a large scale scam they have been subject to their whole lives.

This action of non payment of debts like overdraft fees, student loans, speeding and parking fines, credit card fees and council taxes, which all represent pure greed, comes under the concept of ‘peaceful non compliance’. This is the most effective way for us to all simultaneously liberate ourselves from the illuminati agenda and prevent it from continuing to encroach into our lives until it has gained complete dominance. The system of control relies completely on us believing in and supporting it to enable its existence and to those who created and represent it, that is the ironic beauty and simplicity of it.

Peaceful Non ComplianceWhile protests, both peaceful and violent can have their place, peaceful non compliance is far more effective in the long run. Protesting hands your personal power and the power of the people over to those in control because you are effectively asking them for change instead of initiating it yourself. The illuminati know this and this is why protesting rarely achieves anything of any real note. If everyone simply stopped paying the extortionate

taxes, fees and fines and refused to work as long as their pensions and salaries were being hijacked, the relative few in control would effectively be rendered powerless. When you stand outside their institutions of control and ultimately beg them for a change in circumstance, you are in effect empowering them further as what you are saying is ‘you are in control of my life, not me’. Peaceful non compliance in all its forms is massively liberating and if undertaken by yourself in even a small way will help you to see that there is really no need for protest and that the power really does lie with the people.

To run parallel to peaceful non compliance you should also begin to question authority whenever possible. Too many people today blindly submit to authority, not because it is right but because it wears a uniform, holds a badge or carries an important name. If you have ultimately harmed no one and are being instructed by an authoritative institution, or individual serving such an institution then question them – ask ‘am I obliged to do what you are telling me and if so, why and and under who’s authority?’ It is paramount that we assert our natural inalienable rights and not be bullied by the illuminati controlled authorities when we have fundamentally done nothing wrong.

There are far too many people in positions of authority today that aren’t aware of who it is they’re really serving and what fundamentally, it is they are asking their fellow men to do. It is therefore, increasingly important that we begin to question authority instead of blindly obeying it like sheep because once you put yourself in the position of asking the questions instead of being made to meekly submit and accept, you are then in control and you retain your personal power that is repeatedly trying to be taken away from you by the illuminati. It also helps to reassert our rights and hold onto the final few freedoms we have today that are increasingly being snatched away from us by the illuminati, via the unwitting and ignorant people that serve the authorities.

Another great way to begin to liberate yourself in general is to try and become less reliant on and observant of time as we know it. Now, at first this may seem rather absurd because how can you escape time? However, when you begin to implement a new lifestyle incorporating even just a few of the suggestions here such as self employment, living in the country or quietening your mind etc your reliance on ‘tick tock’ time will naturally diminish and you will become less of a clock watcher. Constantly checking the time ultimately serves to yet again, disempower us as it acts to remind us that our existence is finite and we must busy around (mostly for other people) in the time we do have in order to fulfill our obligations and enjoy ourselves accordingly. Our societies definition of time serves to keep us locked into the illuminati hive mind of work, play and sleep so you should ultimately aim to become less reliant on it.

Illuminati Time ConstructOf course, we are going to have to refer to and use ‘tick tock’ time in order to operate and structure certain parts of our lives, this is unavoidable for most and perfectly acceptable. It is the absolute reliance on and belief in this illuminati structured concept of time however, that prevents us from being liberated from the false sense of reality that we are all forced to live within.

Plants and animals have no

awareness of structured time and instead use their natural instincts and senses to read phases of the day and year from the light in the sky and the temperature etc and we should ultimately aim to do similar, with only the use of ‘tick tock’ time being utilized in a minimal way to enhance certain aspects of our lives. As you begin to rely less on time as we know it, once again, you will begin to see how illusory and artificial the concept is and that fundamentally it doesn’t exist at all, and only serves to keep us distracted and locked into the regimented illuminati existence.

As technology advances and plays an increasing part in our lives it is important to try and not become solely dependent on and obsessed with these man made technological items and gadgets and attach value to them that they really don’t deserve. Mobile phones, computers, the internet etc can all help to enrich our lives somewhat when used correctly and in modesty but the problem is that these things can easily become an obsession and even an addiction as we see with many people today.

Mobile phones for instance, have become so popular that the vast majority of people in the ‘developed’ world carry one upon their person all day, they sleep with it near to their heads and spend endless hours tapping away and talking into it and couldn’t imagine going anywhere without it. Like other technology and gadgets they can be great for use in certain situations and provide convenient access to the people that truly matter in your life but to spend a large proportion of your days answering calls and replying to messages, no matter who they are from, distracts and detached you from the world and people around you.

It is also not a natural practice and so is likely not going to be conducive to good health. Again, our organic, cellular bodies are not ‘designed’ to be bombarded with man made electro magnetic frequencies for extended periods of time so as with the T.V – turn off your mobile phone, cut down it’s usage and become less obsessed and reliant on it and the idea of people being able access you all of the time because it devalues and disempowers you.

Illuminati Technology ControlThere is also the fact that increasingly, technology is being utilized to track and record your every move and by becoming attached to these things you ultimately become attached to the illuminati ‘control hub’ – rendering you predictable, visible and in effect harmless to their endeavors. Do you think that the ‘elite’ families and individuals in control of our societies spend endless hours attached to a mobile phone, playing computer games or watching T.V – of course not and they don’t because they know ultimately what a disempowering and devaluing effect it has on you. Remember, these people regard themselves to be the custodians of some higher knowledge and knowing and so if they are doing things differently to the masses, then there is probably good reason for it.

Another concept that runs nicely alongside the ideas of time reliance and predictability through the dependance on technology is that of becoming more sporadic in the way you operate and live your

life. The illuminati depend on us performing the same old tasks and rituals day in day out because in this state, we pose no risk to them and are easily controlled and accounted for. Living in a less regimented manner – as we are ultimately supposed to do, helps liberate your being and even only small, seemingly insignificant things like eating at different times, going to bed and waking up at different times and swapping daily habitual routines for new practices all gradually pull us further away from the illuminati prescribed status quo and help to put us back in touch with our true selves and a more accurate sense of reality.

You should increasingly try to become aware of the language you use on a daily basis because whether you’re aware of it or not, language actually plays a significant part in the way you experience life and how you feel in general. The use of certain language serves to keep us locked into the negative vibratory state that the illuminati has created for us and again, disempowers us in yet another way. Think of some of the language many people use all the time mostly unconsciously and even if they are not religious at all – ‘oh my god’, ‘bloody hell’, ‘damnation’, ‘I hate’, ‘I can’t’, ‘It’s not fair’ – it is all fear inducing and reiterates that we are not in control of our existence and have no power.

As well as choosing your language carefully you should also actually talk less. Most of what people say is meaningless gibberish designed only to impress others and reinforce certain things they believe about themselves and life in general. Talking less helps to retain your personal power, grants you control and helps to put you back in touch with who you really are, whereas talking too much about nothing of real value detaches you and keeps you de-energized and drained, not to mention the fact that everyone will know everything about you and will ultimately value your contributions less. You should really only talk when you have something of real importance and genuine value to share if want to be able to truly liberate yourself. Look at the spiritual sages of the world – they don’t engage in endless gibberish and conversation because they have realized the detachment it causes from your true state of being.

Once you begin to think about and explore it for yourself, you realize there are literally endless things that you can do to help liberate yourself from the illuminati agenda. Hopefully this article has put forward enough suggestions to help get you started on your path to truly freeing yourself from the restrictions of others and that is really the key here, it is up to you. Only you can make the choice to do these things, no one else will do it for you and in fact many may actually try and prevent you from doing so as it threatens their sense of reality. Admittedly it can be hard, very hard. We have had a lifetime of indoctrination and being lied to so it is likely going to take considerable amount of time to rid yourself completely of it and reach a level where you can feel truly free enough to not have to worry about the ultimately petty manipulations of the illuminati.

Liberation From IlluminatiFor most, it will take years to reach a full understanding of what has been taking place in their lives up to now and this is completely acceptable as really, it is as much about the journey as it is the perceived liberated destination. Of course, we all live completely different lives and are not going to be able to implement every change simultaneously but even just the utilization of just a few basic changes can massively help to give you a greater sense of freedom in certain areas and help you to see the world and

your life in a new light. If everyone did this and just tried to liberate themselves in just a few small ways then the world would soon be a very different place – a much nicer one and the few people in the positions of power would begin to struggle to hold onto the control and domination the have had for so many centuries.

Fundamentally, it is about seeing through their age old manipulations and saying ‘no thanks, I choose not to be a part of that any more and refuse to hand over any more of my power to you’. You can choose to use information like this to keep you enslaved and in a negative, depressed and dependent state of mind that the illuminati work so hard to keep you in, or you can use it to begin to liberate yourself and become the infinite, truly free soul you came here to be – and that is ultimately the ‘aim of the game’. Whatever you choose to do – I wish you the very best.


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