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August 2, 2012

Man Jailed For Collecting Rainwater

Rainwater Harvesting

An Oregon man has been sentenced to one month in jail after being convicted of ‘illegally’ collecting rainwater on his own property. Gary Harrington, of Eagle Point has been fighting for the right to collect rainwater run off since 2002 but it seems his decade long battle with the corrupt, overpowering illuminati controlled system may have come to and end with the theft of his liberty.

Harrington was also fined $1500 for ponds he had dug on his 170 acre property and filling these so called ‘illegal reservoirs’ with natural rainwater runoff. Officials from the Medford Water Commission have said that regardless of whether the water had fallen from the sky or not, it is still considered a part of the nearby Crowfoot Creek and is therefore ‘owned’ by them – the mind boggles.

Gary Harrington rightly argues that he lives in an extreme wildfire area and that he is collecting and storing the rainwater mostly for fire protection but of course local government bodies and illuminati controlled corporate ‘service’ institutions are not in the slightest bit interested in listening to logic and common sense.

This ludicrousness really has nothing to do with where the ‘ownership’ of the rainwater lies but with those in control ensuring the people are kept dependent on them for their basic amenities. The illuminati in no way want people going ‘off the grid’ and becoming independent in that respect as it threatens their agenda and reduces dependency on their monopolistic system – which of course they can’t have, so it’s in their best interests to fight tooth and nail and ensure they make an example of any individuals who try to do so.

Also, those in the top positions of power today do not want the masses drinking natural, clean water but consuming their fluoridated, medicated tap water which serves to keep them dumbed down, ignorant to the true reality of their being and in a perpetual state of sickness and disease – thus again completely dependent on their institutions of control.

Harrington has himself called the government bullies and stated that to simply roll over and die will just make them bigger bullies. He called for Americans to stand up for their constitutional rights and “hang tough”, and as he’s now facing jail time for his ‘crimes’ – he’s clearly a man of his word and should be admired as such for standing up to the unscrupulous system.

People complain about the extortionate rates of tax the greedy government levies against them and subsequently joke about the air we breath being next on the list, yet when innocent citizens are being extorted for thousands and imprisoned simply for collecting natural rainwater that fell out of the sky according to the LAWS of nature, on their own property, surely being taxed to breathe the air that these psychopaths no doubt believe they also ‘own’ will clearly be the next step if we allow it.

We must follow in Gary Harrington’s footsteps and stand up to the faceless government institutions of control when they oppose our basic freedoms, and refuse to exhibit any fear in the face of the illuminati agenda when we have fundamentally done no wrong.

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  1. Elva

    I live in Florida, and the encourage you to use and save rainwater..

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