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August 26, 2012

Meet Your Strawman

This great little animation describes the notion of the strawman. From the second you are born a legal (fictional) personality is created for you by the state using your birth certificate. This legal personality is the paper version of you yet is completely separate from the true you. You are not your legal name nor letters printed on a piece of paper, you are a flesh and blood human being but you are duped into associating your true self with and consenting to the legal paper personality from an early age. This paper personality is then used to levy extortiante rates of tax, fines and any other legal bureaucracy against you throughout your entire life.

Whenever a state institution contacts you, it is not contacting you the flesh and blood human being, it is addressing the legal (fictional) paper personality that you then unwittingly animate, which is one of the reasons why the name almost always has a MR or MRS prefix – this is not to denote sex, this is a legalise term referring to your paper personality. Legalese is fundamentally a foreign language disguised as the English language but that has very different definitions, that is used by the legal world and the state to deceive you into contracting with it for life.

You are viewed by the state from the second you are born as a revenue generator and it is the legal (fictional) paper personality that allows it to trick the real flesh and blood human being into going out and generating income for it. You are not your name, you are not the letters printed on the front of an envelope, you are not a MR or a MRS, you are you – a flesh and blood human being that was supposed to be born free and live free, so stop associating your true, natural self with unnatural, man made state entities and as soon as you do so, it will lose it’s grip and influence on you…


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