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July 4, 2012

Merseyside Man Imprisoned For Witholding Council Tax

A UK man was bundled into a police car on monday morning, rushed to corporate ‘court’ where he was placed before an unknown magistrate and subsequently whisked off to prison for 21 days for the unspeakable crime of withholding his council tax. This ‘all in one’ arrest, court hearing and imprisonment was undertaken unbeknown to his worried family, until they later received a phone call at seven o’clock that night from the prison informing them of his incarceration.

The captive, Roger Hayes, is the chairman of the British Constitution Group, campaigner for the Lawful Bank and an active local speaker who has been raising awareness amongst the British public of how their basic common law rights and freedoms are being systematically stripped away by those in control to be replaced with an unscrupulous system operating under the false pretense of law, that is designed to grant the few, increasing control over the many.

Roger believes, along with many thousands of others that a considerable portion of our unaccounted for tax contributions are syphoned off by central government and are subsequently used to fund unlawful wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria and that to pay taxes under these circumstances is immoral and in fact illegal under section 15(3) of the terrorism act of 2000. Roger’s local government racketeers Wirral Borough Council of course failed to provide details of how the money they collect is utilised and also of any genuine law which states people actually must pay council tax, especially without a signed contract between both parties, instead conniving with their business partners at the magistrates ‘court’ and having him imprisoned.

This absurdity comes as the banksters get away with manipulating the system for billions, while honourable members of society daring to question the status quo and stand up for what is right are harassed and made an example of in order to deter others from attempting to do the same.

Supporters from various alternative media websites and forums have been calling up Merseyside police and the prison service to ask basic questions pertaining to Rogers arrest and imprisonment, only to be met with a wall of silence and the phone being slammed down, illustrating clearly how those working in the lower levels of authority are not there to represent the people at all but are in fact payed to protect the corporate government interests at the top of the pyramid.


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