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July 17, 2013

Mind Control Themed Roller Coaster Opens In The UK

Alton Towers, the UK’s answer to Disney Land which sees millions of thrill-seekers pass through it’s turnstiles annually, has recently opened an eerie new £18m attraction to the public that appears to be centred around the theme of mind control and social compliance. The new coaster, named “The Smiler” (presumably taking inspiration from the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland), which is currently being advertised on national T.V and is already proving to be a big hit, is the world’s first 14 looping roller coaster and features five unique psychological effects that will “mess with your body and mind.” Sounds like fun!

These five specific “mind manipulations” include “The Innoculator” – a jab of happiness, “The Tickler” – which aims to tickle you until you can’t resist smiling, “The Flasher” – a giant flashing device which blinds you, “The Giggler” – infectious, intoxicating laughing gas, and the “Hypnotiser” – which has the power to disorientate, mesmerise and disrupt your self awareness – nice!

In the trailer for the coaster, we see a hypnotised grinning man inviting a visitor to “join us” in a sinister voice, before he is flung into the full ‘experience’ of the ride which includes flashing lighting and hypnotic eye imagery, the inhalation of a purple toxic looking gas, and a collection of big brother like telescreens monitoring and programming the riders, which combine to leave them all entranced and grinning in a disturbing forced fashion.

These are clearly all techniques that are associated with the physical and mind manipulation of the masses in everyday society by the controlling ‘elite’, whether it be vaccinations, T.V programming, the release of harmful gases in the sky or the deliberate disruption of self-awareness and the reason they have been included in a new world record breaking theme park roller coaster which millions of people will ‘experience’ is simply to program them into subconsciously associating such unsavoury things with fun, enjoyment and “good times”.

Interestingly, the theme park, which is built around a 19th century gothic mansion, was also responsible for the equally creepy Nemesis – Sub Terra attraction, which, marketed as “your worst nightmare underground” is themed around a militiarised subterranean base which accommodates inter-dimensional reptilian creatures. Is Alton Towers not-so-subtly trying to tell us something?

Nemesis Sub Terra

In the same way that elements of the agenda are ‘hidden’ in plain sight within movies and music, as spending a day at the theme park becomes an increasingly popular pastime for millions of people, it is only natural that these same elements will increasingly be incorporated into the attractions, as a means to subliminally expose them to real truths, in a fabricated, make believe environment.


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