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September 23, 2013

‘Minority Report’ Remote Wristbands “The Future of Entertainment” Say Intel

“Entertainment” or enslavement?

MYO Band Satanic Hand Gesture

A startup Canadian company has created a wearable, wireless, Minority Report style “interface” which is being hailed as “the future of entertainment” by the likes of Intel. Despite being a new company, Thalmic Labs have already sold a considerable 30,000 of their electronic armbands which will ship in 2014 and in the meantime, are running a program to allow developers put forth their ideas for various software applications.

The science fiction like “MYO” armband allows users to remotely control their computers, mobile phones and other digital devices with “simple, intuitive hand gestures” via a series of electrodes which register muscle movements in the wearer’s arm, yet quite what the subliminal Satanic horned hand gesture in the promotional picture above directs your device to do, I don’t know.

Intel Illuminati Entertainment

As technology evolves and people’s dependance on it correspondingly increases, we will undoubtedly see more ‘state-of-the-art’ products like these being introduced over the coming years and to most, they will probably have no sinister connotations whatsoever, yet to those with an understanding of the illuminati agenda, the controlling implications of such “interfaces” are obvious.

The psychopaths in power desperately want (and need) the masses chipped, tracked and connected to a central government database that will remotely govern every aspect of their lives, eventually leading to an RFID implanted population that will have no other option but to comply, and the initial step in this dystopian agenda is the ‘soft’ selling and widespread acceptance of these technologies.

Wireless MYO Band

We are already seeing a concerted global push for the mass use of RFID tracking chips in schools, theme parks and even exercise equipment in order to get people used to being tracked, traced, logged and permanently recorded.

The second largest information technology company on the planet has just released it’s new breed of ‘smart’ phone complete with biometric data harvesting thumb scanner, with other manufacturers likely to follow suit and now we see the introduction of remote sensory armbands, which, once all merged into a single wearable unit, will provide the perfect precursor for the ‘secure’ ‘convenient’ and hell, even ‘entertaining’ personal implant.

MYO Band Computer Chip

We are now quite clearly being conditioned into accepting increasingly closer technological integration with our bodies and the real reason for this is to generate favourable opinion and support for the forthcoming computer chip implant.

What then, is one of the most effective ways they could guarantee that absolutely essential acceptance? – To primarily incorporate it into the familiar, everyday things we associate with recreation and leisure of course! Hence this new digital armband being promoted as “the future of entertainment” when in actuality it represents the future of enslavement.


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