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August 7, 2012

Mother Convicted For Daughters Chalking ‘Vandalism’

Child Chalking On Sidewalk

A mother from Virginia has been handed 50 hours of unpaid slave labour because her 4 year old daughter innocently chalked on some rocks on Belle Isle, Richmond. A judge determined that there was enough ‘evidence’ to convict 29 year old Susan Mortensen on charges of vandalism and during the court hearing the officer who had initially handed the mother the ticket actually testified against her for this

unthinkable crime, stating that she had ‘cursed’ when she was given the ticket – I should think so and I would imagine any other sane human being would act in a similar vein when faced with such extreme nonsense from dark uniformed figures of authority.

Outside the court people gathered and chalked on the sidewalk to show support for Susan and to make a mockery of the whole charade but it didn’t stop the system passing judgement and obtaining 50 hours of unpaid labour from her. Steve Benjamin, a legal analyst quite rightly said that the ticket should never have been issued in the first place but police absurdly argued that “chalk is the same as graffiti”. After the fiasco, the young mother made it known how the whole experience had traumatised her daughter and that she is now very wary of both chalking and the police and understandably so – how is a young, innocent and uncluttered mind supposed to make any sense of such clear insanity?

Now admittedly, although this may well sound like make believe, unfortunately it is not and what it really illustrates is the common mindset amongst a growing number of those in positions of authority, that are unwittingly helping to implement the illuminati’s agenda for complete control – ignorantly serving to steadily remove our basic freedoms one by one. They are unthinking, unemotional, lacking in rationale and common sense and are fundamentally completely detached from reality. They have been totally indoctrinated and institutionalised by the system they represent and are exactly the type of character those at the top of the pyramid need to control the masses at a practical level and prevent any form of awakening, and, therefore, they represent the biggest hurdle we the people face to obtaining true freedom.

America, ‘land of the free, home of the brave’ – where you can be convicted and punished by the system you pay for for merely allowing your children to chalk. Perhaps the judge and all the mindless system servers involved in this ridiculous case should be made to spend some time with the ‘vandalising’ little girl and chalk on the sidewalk with her, in order to be brought down from their ivory towers, reconnect with reality and see what utter nonsense they are serving to impose on their fellow human beings…

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  1. KrazyKraqr

    Doesnt sound like a fairytale to me at all. It’s happening all over….Here in Rochester NY a few weeks ago people were arrested for chalking on the sidewalk outside the jail in protest of people being arrested for protesting. I also just read another story about 2 young boys being arrested for chalking a sea turtle and whale on an empty parking lot. But, “artists” can draw the elaborate 3d drawings on public streets and sidewalks, and nothing happens. Hmmmmm…..

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