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August 13, 2013

New iPhone 5S May Feature Fingerprint Scanner

iPhone Fingerprint Scanner

Rumours of Apple being set to release the latest version of their hugely successful iPhone this September have been rife and while they admittedly remain unconfirmed, if past predictions by certain gadget geeks are anything to go by, then the 10th September may very well be the day that hoards of technologically enslaved walking dead will finally be able to get their zombified hands on the ‘new’ iPhone 5S.

Whether it is released on that date however, matters not. What is interesting though, is the widespread speculation surrounding the so called ‘smart’ phone’s new features. Numerous claims suggest that the iPhone 5S will feature a fingerprint scanner instead of the current “home” button in order to provide the user with more ‘security’, and who wouldn’t want more ‘security’, right?

Mac Rumors for instance, has suggested that the 5S will sport a sapphire crystal coated convex home button, which houses a biometric sensor capable of conveniently granting only the owner of the phone access, without having to enter a pin to unlock the handset. Convenience and security – what’s not to like!

Add this possible new feature to the the already GPS equipped, Wi-Fi perma-enabled handset and effectively what you have is an Orwellian government’s wet dream. Already, millions of people worldwide are comfortably carrying these devices around day and night, endlessly transmitting every piece of information about themselves to whomever wants to know, and so, what better way to introduce the very things that will be used to completely enslave them in the very near future – things such as biometric scanning, GPS/RFID tracking & cashless banking transactions, than through the ‘harmless’ smartphones in their pocket that they have grown so accustomed, or, some might even say addicted to.


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