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August 22, 2013

New Jacked Up RFID Driver’s License Coming to California

One World ID Card

California’s Assembly Appropriations Committee is expected to vote in favour of Senate Bill 397, which will see the ushering in of a new breed of jacked up driver’s license, otherwise known as “Enhanced ID’s”, which, yes, you’ve guessed it, incorporate an intrusive RFID chip that can be read from up to 50 metres away and holds all your private particulars.

Unsurprisingly, the Department of Homeland Security recommends the use of these new Orwellian anti-freedom passes and is predictably using the false concept ‘convenience’ to sell the self-enslaving idea to the motoring masses. With a new RFID “E-ZPass” drivers can travel across the borders between Canada and Mexico without needing their passports and will apparently be able to move through the unnatural border checkpoints (that they shouldn’t have to anyway, regardless of whether they have a DHS approved slave pass or not) far more “easily”.

Unlike the chips in passports that only transmit a few feet and generate new numbers each time they’re read, these so called “enhanced” ID’s are not securely encrypted and so anyone with access to a $40 RFID scanner could obtain the unique number and potentially gain access to the private information held within.

New York, Michigan, Vermont and Washington already offer these insecure ID’s (which incidentally is one of the illogical reason’s the bill proposes California should adopt them) and while admittedly, they currently remain only an option for motorists, with time and as more states blindly follow suit, they will undoubtably be made mandatory nationwide in the not so distant future.

These enhanced ID’s of course represent the next step in the surveillance state’s warped agenda to microchip the masses and interestingly, if you notice, although these new cards are ‘technically’ driver’s licenses, they are not actually referred to as such. They are an enhanced form of identification and one that the powers that be are so very keen for us all to adopt.

Once everything we carry; credit card, drivers licence, passport etc are fully RFID equipped, then the next step will be the introduction of a single, unified chip that will perform all the tasks of the previous one’s and after this single chip has been accepted, the final and most significant phase will be the removal of it from an ID card and the insertion of it under the skin for ultimate ‘security’ and ‘convenience’, at which point, it is irreversibly game over for we the people.


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