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October 23, 2013

“Obama Cares” – President Catches Fainting Pregnant Woman (Psychopaths Are Good Like That)

While listening to the President prattle on about “pervasive fear” at The White House, a pregnant lady in symbolic red stood behind him, comes over all light headed and almost faints.

With the help of his all-seeing secret agents whispering in his ear, ‘obliging’ Obama quickly turns around and gives the weary woman a hand to prevent her from falling down, to which (after an expectant pause) he receives a cringeworthy round of applause from the fawning onlookers, as well as ‘tweeted’ thank you messages from the woman and her husband later that day.

I doubt the appreciation from the innocent couples in the Middle East who have lost their children to Obama’s indiscriminate drone bombing regime will be quite so forthcoming however.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are experts in appearing to care when really they couldn’t give a damn. This little episode, if genuine and not staged, was merely a perfect opportunity for the puppet president and one of the biggest psycho’s in the game, to reinforce the illusion of compassion and caring in front of the world’s cameras, as well as give his big bloodthirsty ego a boost of course.

Obama Catches Pregnant Fainting Woman

She looks positively petrified, which is completely understandable given the circumstances!


  1. Marcin

    What is on her arm? When she turn around.

  2. Leeya

    Shes diabetic

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