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June 8, 2013

Obama Makes a Complete Ass of Himself and Shows What a Puppet he Truly is

President Obama was rendered completely speechless yesterday during an appearance in California where he was supposed to be giving a speech about the importance of ‘his’ healthcare program, because someone had forgotten to place his pre-written spiel on the podium.

After exchanging tedious pleasantries for the cameras, the sorry sycophant soon began squirming upon the realisation that he wasn’t immediately going to be able to mindlessly prattle on from a piece of paper. After desperately calling on his “people” (appropriately located behind the curtain) to get ‘his’ “remarks” out to him, the vacant mouthpiece awkwardly attempted to laugh off the embarrassing episode and quickly reverted back to what he knows best – grinning like a cheshire cat, while his pathetic, obsequious yes men all did the same.

This is the President of the most powerful nation on Earth and he hasn’t got a clue what to say without a pre-written piece. As a supposedly educated and informed man, you would like to think at the very least he would be able pass comment on the subject matter at hand without the need for prompting but no, nothing. What more proof do we need that our supposed political leaders are nothing but smiling puppets placed on the podium to charm the ignorant masses. Still, it’s satisfying to see a dark suited sociopath squirm nonetheless.


  1. aoisfdj

    I can’t say I agree with you here. You have no proof that he did not know what he was going to say – isn’t it possible that he had points in his speech written down he didn’t want to forget? He has millions of eyes on him, I wouldn’t want to forget points either. I can say firsthand that even after I’ve written my own speech, I prefer to take my notes up there with me. I find it unfortunate that the smallest mess-ups (which wasn’t even his fault) are scrutinized and criticized from every angle. I’m not saying you have to love the guy, but maybe you should reconsider how you choose to channel your energy into this world and the people you can affect through ignorance as well as critical and unnecessary judgment.

    • FYI

      I see what you are saying and I know you think that this article was written based on conjecture, however, it is absolutely true that Obama has a team of speechwriters. One of his main ones was Jon Favreau (no not the Hollywood Job Favreau). Look him up.

      The sad fact is, these “leaders” are controlled by unseen forces behind the scene. The true power lies in groups like the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, etc.

      Think of it this way. Obama is a Hollywood actor. His Public Relations team is the mainstream media. He has writers and event coordinators to help build him a good image. The president of the United States has very little real power.

      I have to admit, Obama is very quick on his feet and plays his role very well, especially compared to Bush Jr. It was very easy to tell that “Dubya” didn’t write his own speeches because when he was confronted without a teleprompter or piece of paper on a podium, he sounded like a bumbling idiot. However, just because Obama is more charismatic and, let’s face it, intelligent, doesn’t mean he’s not just another presidential puppet.

      And btw, in my opinion, pointing this out is not creating negative energy. It is very positive because it is empowering people with knowledge of the true power structure.

      God bless.

  2. admin

    The proof that he did not know what to say is that he did not know what to say.

    Also, it wasn’t “his” speech with “his” points that “he” had personally written down and didn’t want to forget, it was someone else’s speech, written for him, to recite to the public while smiling and waving his hands as to give the impression that it’s his personal opinion or standpoint, when it’s anything but.

    He’s a public mouthpiece for the shadow government and nothing more, as is every other smiling puppet podium president and prime minister.

    There’s countless examples of ‘real’ people who have channeled their energy into this world by giving amazing, progressive, inspirational speeches without having to be prompted or have it written for them because they truly understood and were impassioned by what they were saying – JFK, MLK, Ghandi, Malcolm X etc.

  3. Mary-Beth Paisley

    I agree with the second and third comments. I also find it ‘funny’ that the video “doesn’t exist”and wonder how long it was up until “they” took it down! Obama aka Barry Satoro (sp?) is a front man puppet for “the powers that shouldn’t be” as are ALL of the PM’s, Presidents, Kings, Queens, etc, & have been for centuries! As stated in one of the articles in here I’ve read, these psychopathic families pass down this “idea” that they are better than we “dogs” or “Human Resources” and therefore NEED to rule us and get us to actually ENJOY OUR SERVITUDE! And the children that these ideas are passed down to actually believe them to be true…because they too are psycopaths! I mean honestly, WHEN were Americans TOLD (by the federal government, to boot!) that they/we HAD to purchase something or be fined (by making it a tax? Seriously?) if we did not purchase it? When? Anyone? ACA/Obamacare is anything BUT affordable and it is no more than socialized medicine. To my knowledge, socialized medicine only covers so much health care WHILE people not even in the field of medicine make the decisions on our health and the care we receive. They change the “laws” on what they consider to be “controlled substances” like most people change their underwear, which is EXTREMELY often! They have no rights over us, and they (the federal government) WORK FOR US, not the other way around. Why then are SO MANY PEOPLE afraid of their government? Good question, I think! We are the majority, though the majority it seems to “go along to get along” on everything but our 2nd Amendment. To that, at the VERY LEAST, I say KEEP YOU GUNS, BE ABLE TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY FROM THIS TYRANICAL GOVERNMENT! (And practice using them too!)

  4. David

    A website about exposing the Illuminati which has an Illuminati agenda? That’s how they get us! No media is GOOD media!

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