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December 20, 2012

Obama Named “Person Of The Year” By Time Magazine

Time Magazine Person Of The Year Illuminati Puppet

To add to his Nobel Peace Prize for his work exterminating innocent men women and children in the desert, President Barack Obama has now been named Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”, yet for what exactly, I’m not quite sure. In Time’s online article that only sings the sycophant’s praise, it interestingly refers to him as the “New American” and repeatedly throughout talks of “The New America” that assumedly Obama has been entrusted with implementing. “The New America”, I wonder what that could be then?

The globally recognised and respected magazine talks much of Obama’s apparent political ‘accomplishments’, yet of course completely fails to make known to it’s readers the fact that Obama is yet to produce an authentic birth certificate and prove he’s actually an American citizen, that many students who attended Columbia University when he was supposedly there say they had never heard of the man prior to his presidency, or of course, make any mention of his ongoing ‘honourable’ and ‘courageous’ work in ‘liberating’ the life (quite literally) out of poverty stricken Middle Eastern countries by bombing them with his growing army of unmanned drones. What a brave and righteous man he is… If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry.

Perhaps Time Magazine’s Psychopath or Illuminati Puppet of the Year would have been a more appropriate name for the ‘award’ because that’s all Obama is, another power hungry mouthpiece for the sick ‘elite’ bankers and bastards, devoid of any real emotion, who is prepared to serve his masters unquestioningly and fool the masses at the same time and this is the key with Obama; he is liked by the people (or at least the majority of them). The power brokers of the western world know this fact and so it is in their very best interests to keep Obama being portrayed in a good light, hence praise singing articles like this one from Time Magazine and the recent false display of emotion as he shed his crocodile tears in front of the world’s cameras after the sacrificial shootings in Sandy Hook, that I’m sure he is fully aware and compliant with the true perpetrators of.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know that genuine psychopaths and sociopaths are often also master manipulators and can thus come across as well mannered, coherent and caring individuals, just like Obama, when the truth is that they are the complete opposite. Yet this is just what the illuminati want of course; an accomplished and convincing psychopathic puppet that will do whatever is asked of them yet simultaneously charm the sleepy masses into falling under their sinister spell. Well don’t fall for it, Obama might be the first black President and he might read the auto cue allot better than hillbilly Bush did but he still represents the same thing – evil. He has not been instated to change things for the better but to change things for the worse via the progressive implementation of the illuminati agenda and ‘awards’ like this are merely mainstream propaganda to keep the masses entranced by and in support of the snake on the rostrum.


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