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March 30, 2013

‘Oblivion’ Movie Predictive Programming For The Masses

Set for release on April 19th, ‘Oblivion’ is one of two upcoming science fiction movies (the second being ‘All You Need Is Kill’) that will feature veteran Hollywood heartthrob and Scientologist, Tom Cruise, heroically battling for the good of mankind against alien invaders hell-bent on the destruction of our planet – what a guy.

Based on Joseph Kosinski’s graphic novel of the same name, Oblivion is set in the year 2073 and centres around Jack Harper, an ex Marine Commander who, following an alien invasion that devastated planet Earth 60 years previously, finds himself one of just a few surviving drone repairmen stationed on the planet to help extract its remaining vital resources.

Already then, we have a devastating alien invasion taking place 60 years prior to 2073, making the year of invasion 2013 (this year) and then the fact that Cruise plays a drone repairman, which, considering the recent escalation in drone use by our illuminati leaders hell-bent on the destruction of our planet, is no mere coincidence. It is subconscious programming designed to bring the masses around to the idea of widespread drone usage; Tom Cruise plays a heroic character who utilises drones as a means to save the human race, therefore drones are good, m’kay.

Next, following the surprise arrival of a young female from outer space, Jack is forced to question everything he previously believed about his reality, in much the same way people awakening to the illuminati agenda have to. Then, after being captured by a mysterious 102 year old insurgent leader, played by everyone’s favourite voice, Morgan Freeman, he is told the society in which he lives may actually be a manipulated police state, again, much like the realisation that our world is rapidly being transformed into a one world, fascist police state.

The trailer for the movie is of course packed full of apocalyptic imagery, including a 9/11-like flattened Pentagon and a weakened Washington Monument, both of which are significant occult illuminati structures, which points to the hidden vested interests behind the movie and serves to desensitise viewers to mass global devastation, perpetual war and end of the world scenarios.

As with many other movies coming out of Hollywood at the moment, Oblivion (and subsequently ‘All You Need Is Kill’ in 2014) will inevitably ‘hide’ considerable elements of truth in plain sight of the masses, utilising the convenient veil of science ‘fiction’ to subliminally prepare them for the forthcoming implementation of the illuminati agenda.


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