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February 5, 2013

Opposition To A New World Order A “Terrorist Threat” Says CTC

New World Order

A report from the Combatting Terrorism Center, or ‘CTC’, at West Point, New York, has said that people who oppose a New World Order are to be treated as a terrorist threat. According to it’s website, the Combatting Terrorism Center is an “independent, privately funded, research and educational institution” that aims to “prepare cadets for the uncertainties they will face on the front lines against terrorism and violent extremism through its robust and rigorous curriculum.” So basically, it indoctrinates young cadets and instills in them the violent West’s distorted view of ‘terrorism’, before they go into military service, ensuring that that ubiquitous false threat is kept alive and well in the fear controlled minds of those who will go on to blindly serve the state, all financed by private interests.

These, unfortunately, are the young men and woman who will be at the very forefront of the implementation of the New World Order and the militarized police state and so it is of vital importance to the illuminati and those behind it, that their future stormtroopers are indoctrinated as early as possible, prior to military service, as this will ensure they have no problem enforcing the totalitarian will of the state upon the people because they will believe that they are protecting them from the threat of ‘terrorism’, when they themselves will be the terrorists, hence reports like this. The ‘Combatting Terrorism Center’, as with everything else those in control think up, is the complete opposite of what it professes to be, it’s a terrorist creation center, that molds the malleable minds of the adolescent masses before handing them a weapon and letting them lose on their fellow men.

This recent ‘report’ from the Creating Terrorism Center, sorry, ‘Combatting’, entitled Challenges From The Sidelines – Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right , suggests that right wing political activists, not the Taliban or ‘Al-Qaeda’ are the new terrorist threat to be feared. The report even goes so far as to describe how what it refers to as “Anti-Federalists” (that’s you and me assumedly) “believe the American political system has been hijacked by external forces interested in promoting a New World Order” and think that “the federal government has become corrupt and tyrannical because of it’s intrusion on the civil constitutional rights of the American People” who ‘shockingly’ “support civil activism, individual freedoms and self-government”. Now that sounds pretty accurate to me but we can’t be having opposition to the unlawful intrusion of civil rights, or “individual freedoms” can we! That would throw a big ol’ spanner in the works of the New World Order so lets define those standing up for what is right as ‘terrorists’ shall we, perfect.

The report provides a disturbing insight into the manipulative minds of the architects of the New World Order and shows just how determined they really are. Yet although it’s disturbing it is also encouraging as it demonstrates that there is a distinct threat to the New World Order emerging and that regardless of what labels or associations those behind it try to use, more and more people are waking up to the corrupt system of control and want nothing to do with it.

The most important issue that now needs to be addressed is that of awakening those who have been conditioned by the state and who are currently serving, or will serve to implement it’s agenda. The young soldiers and the police officers who think that they’re helping to make the world a safer place need to be shown the truth and sooner rather than later. They need to be shown that we’re not their ‘enemy’, that there’s no distinct domestic terrorist threat despite what they’re repeatedly told by their mind controlling masters and corporate mainstream media and that we are ultimately standing up for their future freedoms and liberties as well as our own.


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