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June 10, 2013

Was Paris Jackson Targeted by The Illuminati?

Paris Jackson Illuminati

Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson, made the mainstream media headlines recently after she apparently attempted to commit suicide, but was this actually a genuine attempt to take her own life, or was there something more sinister at play? Is the teenager now possibly being targeted for some reason by the very same people who effectively silenced her father?

Interestingly, prior to her apparent suicide attempt, Paris had made a number of curious tweets to her 1.3 million+ Twitter followers, talking about secret societies and how she had figured out who “they” really are. The 15 year old also then shared a collection of disturbing drawings of occult imagery on her Instagram account, with an accompanying tweet telling her followers not to worry and that the drawings didn’t mean “they” had got her but that she was just trying to open the world’s eyes and help people “realize what’s going on”.

Following these announcements, we then have an apparent suicide attempt from Paris, whereupon being rushed to the very same hospital that her father died at, she was reported as telling her family she didn’t want to die. Is this something someone who has just tried to commit suicide would say, or something someone who fears for their life would say?

Of course, growing up in the environment in which she has and having to have dealt with the untimely death of her father, Paris is likely to be a somewhat confused young girl and so the possibility of attempted suicide as a simple cry for attention can’t be dismissed.

Similarly however, we cannot ignore who her father was and what happened to him after he spent a lifetime trying to awaken people through his music. As Paris grows, it is only natural she seeks answers for what happened to her father but in finding those answers and subsequently trying to warn people about the hidden hand of control, is she too placing herself in a perilous position in regards to the the illuminati? Only time will tell…

Paris Jackson Illuminati Tweet

Paris Jackson Illuminati Tweet

Paris Jackson Illuminati Instagram

Paris Jackson Illuminati Instagram

Paris Jackson Illuminati Instagram


  1. luis

    No, she was not targeted by the illuminate. Plus, illuminate is only one branch the synagogue uses as an invisible weapon. There’s more weapons. Plus, if ‘they’ wanted her dead, she would be dead by now.

  2. Mia

    I’m really curious to know who “they” are… But I at least hope she won’t hurt her self and I also hope that she would just like her father open people’s eyes. I really don’t no but when I heard that Michael Jackson was dead on his bed it reminded me to Marilyn Monroe. There was also another thing they had common, that both died of overdosing and that both of them were quite popular on they’re times.

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