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January 28, 2013

Piers Morgan ‘Struck Down’ With Flu After Being Vaccinated Live On Air

Proving yet again what a monumental moron he truly is, public schoolboy Piers Morgan rolled up his sleeve to receive a flu shot from “Doctor Oz” live on his CNN show recently, in a tediously transparent attempt to show the American masses how ‘harmless’ flu vaccination is and why we should all be following suit. Before being injected, useful idiot Piers asks Dr. Oz to confirm how the idea that you can get the flu from receiving the flu shot is a complete myth, which of course he does, explaining that the material contained within it is “dead flu virus”, yet quite how he knows this for sure is beyond me as I was under the impression doctors are paid to simply administer vaccinations, not formulate them.

After laughing, joking and generally making light of the unnatural affair of having your body’s largest defensive organ purposely breached with an artificial object, pansy Piers grimaces with discomfort before explaining how “it doesn’t really hurt” to his audience of applauding sea lions who sadly seem to think that he has just accomplished something worthwhile. Ironically, ten days later Piers can be seen (and heard) on his show clearly suffering from flu like symptoms, even admitting himself that he has been “struck down” by the virus, although, it’s surely more a case of ‘synthetically induced with’ than “struck down by”. Well done Piers…

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