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July 22, 2013

Pope Makes Reporting Sex Crimes Illegal

Pope Francis Creepy Smile

Pope Francis recently gave the Vatican’s antiquated legal system an overhaul (although what being a religious leader has to to with making laws, I don’t know), which included criminalising leaks of “official” information (wouldn’t want any Vatican secrets being released now would we) and the formalisation of laws against sex crimes, which on the surface at least, seems all well and good. Upon closer inspection of Bergoglio’s legal fix-up however, we discover that the head of the Roman Catholic Church has also, somewhat suspiciously, made it illegal to actually report sex crimes. Go figure.

Newly defined sex crimes against children in the Vatican now carry a sentence of up to 12 years in prison (which ironically was the age of consent up until recently) yet at the same time it’s now also illegal to report those sex crimes and make them known in the first place! This is clearly a case of the Vatican trying to make it look as though as they are doing something worthy to combat the rife sexual abuse of children within the private walls of the independent state, when in fact they are actually implementing new ‘laws’ which further serve to cover their backs and permit them to continue on with their depraved and sinful conduct with impunity.

Vatican Foreign Minister, Monsignor Dominique Mamberti (quite the mouthful) has insisted that the simultaneous passing of these laws was nothing but a “coincidence” yet Fabrizio Perona, of Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper is unconvinced, himself saying “They just thought nobody would notice. The church wants to impress the world by getting tough on sex crimes, but they criminalised leaks, which is the only way anybody would ever discover their crimes. It’s genius, if you stop and think about.”

While I’m not so sure I’d describe the Pope’s recent shake-up as “genius” (brazen, I think is far more more appropriate), I do agree with Fabrizio’s perspective in that this was no mere “coincidence”. The Vatican, which is one of, if not the most powerful centre’s of authority and mind control administration for the controlling bloodlines, does not make mistakes. Everything is by design and the fact that Pope Francis has quietly criminalised the reporting of child sex crimes, in an underhanded attempt to deter people from publicising the sordid goings-on from within the inner sanctum, says everything you need to know about the ‘holy’ city and religion today.


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