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October 5, 2012

Prince Charles Collects £1 Million Thanks To Ancient Law

Prince Charles Illuminati Eye

Illuminati bloodline spawn and heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, has recently ‘earned’ an extra £1 million to add to his and the Windsor mob’s vast fortune, thanks to an outdated 700 year old law that supposedly grants him rights to unclaimed property in the Duchy of Cornwall. This nice little earner also comes after the Prince of Darkness pocketed a sizeable £18.3 million from property rents on the land, to which he is totally exempt from paying tax on.

This recent wealth procurement has displeased members of the anti-monarchy group ‘Republic’, who have said that he has no rights to the funds and I completely agree with their sentiment. Ultimately, Prince Charles, nor anyone else for that matter has no more of a ‘god given’ right to land and property than any other human being on this planet. It’s just that,

fortunately for him, his lawless family happened to have forced their way into power centuries ago and claimed much of the worlds land for themselves and are frustratingly permitted to continually lay claim to that ownership by the ignorant obeying masses, who unknowingly grant these megalomaniacs the wealth and power they insanely believe they are innately deserving of and thus perpetuate the illuminati rule of order.


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