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October 30, 2013

Prince Charles & Wife Camilla Host Creepy Illuminati Mask Party

Royal Illuminati Mask Party Earlier this year genetically crippled bloodline “elites” Prince Charles and his Duchess wife Camilla Parker Bowles played host to an interesting event in the gardens of their Clarence House home.

The party, which was in aid of the conservation charity Elephant Family (what an amusingly appropriate name for an event hosted by this frightful family of phoney philanthropists) saw a selection of useless high society socialite types descend on the royal residence, wearing a variety of weird and wonderful wildlife-inspired designer masks that are well worth taking a closer look at…

Royal Illuminati Mask Party

The gruesome twosome in action!

Royal Illuminati Mask Party

The two sisters in charge of the charity wore Flamingo headpieces. Unsurprisingly, Flamingos, to the Ancient Egyptians symbolised the sun god Ra.

Royal Illuminati Mask Party

A brazen Monarch Butterfly worn over the head denotes the MKUltra mind control techniques utilised by the illuminati.

Royal Illuminati Mask Party

Supermodel sisters Clara & Poppy Delevigne pledge their allegiance to the aristocracy, with the Lizard on the head of Clara signifying the Reptilian brain or ‘R-Complex’ that the ruling elite are governed by…

Royal Illuminati Mask Party

…while half-naked guests arrive outside to be used & abused no doubt.

One can only imagine the sordid exploits these depraved degenerates get up to behind closed doors…


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