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March 8, 2014

Prince Harry Launches Illuminati ‘Invictus Games’

Prince Harry Illuminati Invictus Games

Illuminati bloodline spawn, Prince Harry, has recently launched a new Paralympic-style warrior games championship that he says will ‘honour’ the sacrifice made by injured British soldiers as well as celebrate their “fighting spirit”.

The ominous sounding ‘Invictus Games’ which is Latin for ‘unconquered’ will see disabled ex-soldiers competing in sports like wheelchair basketball, indoor rowing and sitting volleyball while the ‘elite’ megalomaniacs who sent them off to fight their unnecessary family feuds in the first place cheer them on from the sidelines.

The dark prince was apparently ‘inspired’ to bring Invictus to the U.K after seeing similar veteran games in the U.S. yet more likely saw them as the perfect means by which to fool the nation into thinking he’s a caring and compassionate chap.

Interestingly, the fourth heir to the throne elected to highlight the letters “I AM” from the games branding presumably to convey the message that despite thier disabilities, the competitors still remain somebody, yet the yellow selection also ‘coincidentally’ sits in a pyramid, where the letter I takes the place of the literal all-seeing eye found at the top of the illuminati pyramid, hinting at the hidden hands behind the new ritual games and constant global conflict in general.

Invictus Illuminati Games

The All-Seeing ‘I’

Whilst dealing with any considerable physical disability in a positive light can only be admired, we must remember these are disabilities that these young men and women should ultimately never have ben inflicted with in the first place.

The young Prince’s Invictus Games, despite those competing not knowing, is nothing but an elaborate, government subsidised publicity stunt to paint the bloodthirsty ruling ‘elite’ in a good light while perversely serving as a post-bloodshed ritual from which they can mock those who unwittingly endangered their lives for them.

Prince Harry Laughing

The Hunger Games Laughing

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  1. conscioustruth

    Love the purple eyebrows in the last photo. Those purple eyebrows pretty well say it all. The world’s not gone mad, it’s gone stupid.

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