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December 3, 2012

Puma Unveils New Illuminati Themed Clothing Line

Puma Shadow Society Illuminati Clothing Line

Global sports brand, Puma, recently announced via their website, the release of a new distinctive ‘limited-edition’ clothing line curiously named ‘Shadow Society’. The new range includes footwear, jackets, bags and shirts which are apparently made from ‘premium’ materials (yet are no doubt crafted by child slaves in Asia), that all feature various ‘Shadow Society’ badges, namely, the ubiquitous illuminati all seeing eye and pyramid.

Although the press release is rather vague in regards to the illuminati theme, the final line of it, which talks about the ‘premium’ jacket is worth highlighting. It reads: “the jacket has a reversed zip and hood to help you stay every bit as incognito as its makers.” “Incognito” of course, meaning to have one’s true identity concealed. Is this then, a divulgence from Puma that the brand is in fact just a cover for a branch of the illuminati to go about their dirty deeds? Probably not, it’s more likely just tongue and cheek banter playing on the ‘cool’ and current theme of secret societies.

What this new clothing line does show however, is how illuminati symbolism is becoming increasingly popular and trendy amongst the mainstream, whether it be in fashion, film, music or design, regardless of whether people know what it actually represents or not. Small but repeated examples like this illustrate perfectly, how the true illuminati, having ‘hidden’ their secret society symbolism in plain sight for centuries, have subconsciously influenced society, to the extent that their ancient occult symbolism has now become an acceptable design theme, and how the big brands and corporations are willing to plaster it all over their products in order to cash in on the growing illuminati so called conspiracy ‘theory’ that they may or may not, be a part of.

Nothing to see here, adorn yourself with the symbolism of those who enslave you and move along…


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