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March 5, 2013

Queen Emerges From Hospital With Head Nurse Wearing Illuminati Belt Buckle

Queen Elizabeth Freemason Nurse

Queen Elizabeth, who had recently been admitted to hospital for a supposed stomach upset was recently pictured by the worlds brown nosing media leaving the building with her entourage of lackeys, secret service agents and one escorting nurse who was sporting a rather interesting looking belt buckle. The substantial silver piece displays the occult pentagram often associated with satanic ritual, alongside the distinguishable freemason square and compasses, the principal symbol of the secret society.

Now why would a nurse working in a supposed place of science and medicine and one dealing with no less than the head of the state be bearing symbols relating to magick and the occult? Remember, they do like their symbolism and they love to ‘hide’ it in plain sight and you don’t get much ‘plainer’ than in front of the world’s media. This too, from the very same hospital that a previous nurse, who dealt with Kate Middleton’s recent admittance supposedly committed suicide following the humiliation of the family after a harmless Aussie radio prank. Clearly, that nurse didn’t have the same affiliations as this one does.

As with everything the ‘elite’ controlling bloodlines are involved in, ritual and the occult plays a huge part of it and we can only surmise as to what the real reason for the Queens visit to King Edward VII Hospital was, as you can be sure it wasn’t a simple stomach upset as the mainstream media have been parroting to the people to make it appear like she’s ‘just one of us’. She does seem to be covering her hand with a black glove, perhaps to hide any tell tale signs of an IV feed for the transfusion of sacrificed children’s blood she may have received? The media has been reporting that the 86 year old left “in good spirits” and with “a spring in her step”…

Satanic Freemason Nurse Belt Buckle

In Safe Hands…


  1. Donald Jones

    They can’t get any more obviuos than that!!

  2. morocco

    it’s fake picture the color of the bag isn’t the same when you Zoom this picture
    there’s a lign yellow and there’s not on the picture
    and all that doesn’t mean the quenn she’s not freemason

  3. jack flash

    If people would be more responsible, this whole conspiracy, thing would be more believable. i by no means am a video x-pert but if you expect me to believe that the belt this nurse is wearing is the same as the blown-up picture you supply you must take us all for idiots.
    People just enlarge the original photo and you will see for yourself. WHY THE DECEPTION?

    • Admin

      There’s no deception here Jack and I don’t expect you to believe anything.

      The images are freely available online and were actually taken from mainstream media reports of the story at the time.

      Here’s a link to a better quality picture of an identical buckle, make of it what you will…

      • Elaine Fifield

        I have to say, I am truly shocked!! I knew the Queen was the Grand Patroness of the World Freemasons but I didn’t know the private hospital which look after the Royals was actually a Freemason Hospital!! Learning new info every day and my worldview is changing dramatically!

        Thanks for posting this!!

  4. jack flash

    All i am saying is that if the photo of the queen and the nurse together, is blown -up that is not the belt that the nurse is wearing…

  5. jack flash

    There we have it. Thanx for the better photo..

  6. leery

    Admin is right on.

    There is also a photo of the Queen shaking hands with the occultist nurse in blue [It was posted at vigilantcitizen if memory serves.]
    When do we ever see her shaking hands with a “commoner?” Never! Looks to be a masonic handshake to boot.

    And, thank you for mentioning in the article, the nurse who reportedly committed suicide. Her death was shrouded in secrecy – to be expected with this bunch. R.I.P.

  7. jack flash

    Today i used Google for a search. They have a knew face celebrating the 100th year of CrossWord puzzles. This caught my eye..The 1st square that had G(for the G in google) was on The 33 across square.

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