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May 8, 2014

Queen Forbids Eminem From Appearing at Hyde Park

Queen Elizabeth Eminem

An eagerly anticipated appearance by rapper Eminem at Hyde Park this summer has been abruptly vetoed by the British Royal family following concerns that the 41 year old is far too ‘shady’ for the sovereign.

Responding to the Royal dictatorial decree, Eminem said his feelings were hurt and called the move “kinda mean”, yet that’s exactly what the royals and their ilk are as unlike their “subjects” they don’t have any pesky feelings to cloud their ‘illuminated’ judgement thanks to generations of intentional interbreeding.

Acts wishing to perform at the Royal park must be granted permission by an organisation headed by the defunct family and it seems that in this case, Eminem was considered to be far too trailer trash to grace the regal reserve.

But remember, as the blind Royal apologists are always so keen to make clear whenever someone dares criticise “Her Majesty”, the Queen has no real power, it’s all just “for show”… yeah right.


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