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March 23, 2013

Rapper N.O.R.E Speaks Of The “Illuminati Door” You Must Walk Through

Rapper N.O.R.E Illuminati

In a recent interview with The Urban Daily, rapper Noreaga was asked if he believed in the illuminati, given his past relations with industry puppets like Jay-Z. When answering, he didn’t deny the existence of the secret society and the manipulative tentacles it casts over the music industry but he did try and downplay the role satanism plays, saying “The way they describe it with the devil worship that’s all fabricated and over exaggerated.” – So I guess the countless examples of occult satanic symbolism like inverted crucifixes, pentagrams, goat heads, devil horns and 666 hand signs that are relentlessly littered throughout popular music videos today are of no concern whatsoever then…

Once you walk through that door there is no coming back.

The interesting part of his answer to the question however, was his reference to an “illuminati door” that you must walk through if you want to reach a certain level of success. He said “There is a certain level that you can’t get to unless you’re aware of certain things. There is a door you have to walk through and it’s on you to walk through that door. And once you walk through that door there is no coming back.” N.O.R.E himself apparently reached that level but never walked through the door, yet he is certain there is another ‘step’ performers can take in order to push their career to the top.

What I wonder, could these things that you have to be ‘aware’ of be and why once you do become aware of them is there no going back? Could it be because they are the very things that Noreaga initially tried to dismiss, that of satanism, devil worship and ritual sacrifice? The very things the illuminati and those in the positions of influence within the industry take so very seriously?


  1. willie jones jr

    Maybe he doesn’t know about the satanics, etc. because he hasn’t “walked through the door “.. also we have to consider these “acts ” have an agenda too..

  2. GhostRyder

    Very interesting, independent artists are constantly be “sold to” by these low level promoters. The entire industry is out to steal your content and give you nothing for it. I just decided to drop this anti-nwo song called Freedom New 2013 Rap Hip-Hop. There is a ton of talk about the sacrafices and even in VA recently a guy shot his friend to get into the Illuminati according to the story.

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