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March 6, 2014

Rapper Rick Ross Laughs off Illuminati Rumours

Rick Ross Illuminati

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Miami rapper Rick Ross casually laughed off rumours of illuminati initiation, saying he finds the allegations “hilarious”.

The self-proclaimed ‘Teflon Don’ who has referenced the illuminati and selling your soul to the devil in his music multiple times, told Rolling Stone that when he now hears talk of him being a member of the notorious secret society, he actually takes it as a compliment.

Ross then went on to cover his XXXL ass and side with the masses by mocking those who believe in the illuminati, comparing them to people who believe in magic and the illuminati themselves to the Men in Black.

To make clear once more, mainstream rappers, rockers and pop tarts like Rick Ross are in no way members of the illuminati. If anything, they are merely oblivious puppets of the illuminati entertainment network who do as they’re told in return for a big fat paycheque, whether that be playing up the the notion of illuminati initiation, or denying the existence of it altogether.


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