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October 27, 2013

Reptilian Rihanna Poses as Monstrous Medusa for GQ Magazine

Rihanna Medusa Illuminati

Idolised illuminati enchantress and pop music pawn Rihanna, paid homage to an ancient Greek reptilian goddess recently when she provocatively posed as a modern Medusa for the 25th anniversary cover of British GQ Magazine.

Rihanna Medusa Illuminati

The sinister photo shoot which was directed by the world’s richest living artist to date, Damien Hirst, saw the Barbadian beauty transformed (and not for the fist time) into a bare-chested, slit-eyed Gorgon with a head full of photoshopped serpents.

Rihanna Medusa Illuminati

Reptilian “RiRi” then shared the posessed pictures with her 10 million+ faithful Instagram followers in an attempt to turn them all to stone, along with the captions “Medusa head on me like I’m ‘luminati!!!!” referencing the tedious track by Migos covered here, and “I love playing with dominant animals” perhaps hinting at the depraved exploitative illuminati handlers darkly directing her life in the limelight.

Rihanna Medusa Illuminati

According to the myth, Medusa was also beheaded by the demigod Perseus, so could this otherwise random incarnation of her by Rihanna perhaps be a sick subliminal message from the illuminati (who also incidentally believe they are demigods) telling us of the impending ritual sacrifice of the superstar?

Rihanna Medusa Illuminati

Furthermore, is it any wonder people are now increasingly entertaining the idea that the illuminati might actually be an inter-dimensional race of reptilian entities that feed off our fear? Rihanna for one is apparently a strong believer in extra-terrestrial life, could this be fuelled by something “otherworldly” she’s witnessed behind the scenes?

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