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July 10, 2013

Revolution: An Instruction Manual

An instruction ‘manual’ on how to take down a tyrant without firing a shot.

When you have a government that operates without limits, which proclaims the right to arrest torture and kill anyone, anywhere, with no warrants, no trial, no due process.

When you have a government that militarises the police and grants the armed forces the power to operate with impunity within your own borders and beyond, a government that views you the people as the enemy and treats you as such.

When you have a government that lies to take you into wars of aggression, toppling country after country, killing countless innocent civilians, sending your sons and daughters, your fathers and brothers home in flag draped coffins who are disfigured and broken in mind and body, their lives destroyed in wars that serve only to line the pockets of an unelected cartel of bankers and corporations.

When you have all of this in front of you, so blatant, so clear, with president after president toeing the line of the same agenda, you shouldn’t have to be convinced that both parties in this political puppet show are owned and operated by the same interests.

You shouldn’t have to be convinced that these overrated corporate popularity contests that some call “elections” are distractions that achieve nothing, and if you see where this is headed you shouldn’t have to be convinced that the system that you are living under, must be brought to a halt.


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