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September 11, 2012

Rihanna Pays Homage To Illuminati Goddess With New Tattoo

Rihanna Illuminati Goddess Isis Tattoo

Mainstream music industry puppet and ‘hip pop’ princess Rihanna, has recently permanently marked her adulation for the ancient queen of the illuminati bloodlines by being tattooed with a large image of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, directly below her breasts no less. Posting a picture of her new offering to her Instagram account, she revealed how it’s ‘supposed’ to be dedicated to her late grandmother, saying “Goddess Isis – Complete Woman – Model for Future Generations”. However, surely a beautiful portrait on her arm or shoulder would have been a more fitting tribute to her grandmother, rather than an image of an

ancient deity that has associations with the occult, sun worship and ancient ruling classes, between her breasts?

Perhaps Rihanna is not really celebrating the life of her grandmother at all by choosing to be permanently branded with this image but is in fact worshipping the ‘real mother’ of the ancient secret society she foolishly believes she is a part of – the illuminati. The ‘mother goddess’, who has been known by many different names throughout history and worshipped by the rulers of countless empires, is viewed by the occult ‘elite’ as the creator who birthed the original illuminati bloodlines of ancient Babylon and Sumer that still secretly rule today, and Rihanna’s reference to Isis being a “model for future generations” perhaps refers to the Illuminati agenda – the model of control for future generations they’re working so hard to implement before the masses potentially awaken.


  1. rukeya

    that bitch is 1 of them and they all crazy! REPENT,PRAY AND WORSHIP GOD ALMIGHTY

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