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December 10, 2013

Russell Brand on Reptilian Overlords and the Illuminati

Speaking with Daniel Pinchbeck of Gaiam T.V, everyone’s favourite bearded rebel Russell Brand reiterates his belief that we’re in desperate need of a spiritual revolution, as well as lightheartedly addresses the concepts of reptilian overlords and the illuminati.

Sparking fits of laughter from the small studio audience, Brand jokingly states that reptilians are definitely the “real thing” before going on to quite rightly explain that ‘if’ there were or are such a thing, then they merely represent a narrow band of vibrational frequency that can be transcended and if anyone should know it’s him, as he used to be married to one…

Katy Perry Illuminati Reptilian


  1. leery

    Yet another example of controlled opposition. He is bought and paid for by the powers he is speaking out against, no doubt, and was likely KP’s handler.

    An ex-junkie and outspoken “sex addict” speaking out on these matters, his words are covered far and wide in order that your average person is turned off and will ignore anything outside the realm of what is spoon-fed by the pop culture machine rather than be associated with the likes of Brand.

    Just a hunch…I could be wrong, but not likely.

  2. Jaimee Bianca

    Russell breathes life to the information through humour & Brand power 🙂

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