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May 25, 2013

Satanic Swimwear All The Rage This Summer

Inverted Pentagram Bikini

A seller on the website Etsy, has been marketing her inverted pentagram bikini as the ideal way for a goth girl to get herself “some serious satanic tan lines” this summer. The blasphemous bikini makes up part of a clothing line aptly named The Ritual Collection, which also boasts a swimsuit version of the bikini as well as some fetching neon coloured inverted crucifix earrings.

The bikini was featured on both Metal Insider, who suggested that there could be nothing ‘hotter’ than burning a pentagram in your chest, and on one of the U.K’s largest mainstream media outlets, the Mail Online, meaning that potentially millions of people have now been exposed to the symbol of satan strewn across a women’s bare chest and so will likely subconsciously register it as something attractive and desirable.

While the seller of the bikini probably isn’t a high ranking member of the Church of Satan and is instead simply jumping on the occult bandwagon to try and make a few bucks, it does once again illustrate how the satanic theme has successfully made it’s way into mainstream fashion and is increasingly being promoted as something cool and trendy.


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